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Avoid This Common Mistake


“A common mistake that many commit, one that impedes them from achieving their goals, is to work according to how they feel, when actually they should work according to the standards they have set for themselves.”

Imagine two roads, two roads or paths leading in the same destination. One is straight; the other is winding, with a succession of curves and slopes. Not only do these hamper your driving, but they also make the route slower…

These two roads are before you and are at your disposal; in fact, they reflect your attitude in life. If you have determined your goals and how to best achieve them in an intelligent and rational way, nothing will divert your from your course, from reaching your primary goal in a straight line.

Now, if you set your goals, work to achieve them, but often, let your mood interfere with your progress, then your path will be winding, full of obstacles, which sometimes can become so large, they will stop you from achieving anything! Don’t make this mistake, it can be fatal! Using emotions to fuel the way you work is like putting a car in the hands of a person who cannot see!

Bishop Julio Freitas

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