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Trusting With All Your Heart

I was reading Proverbs 3:5-6, and In my life I have had problems trusting God with all my heart at times, for various reasons.

But I inspired myself to trust in Him by giving myself the example of how I trust in my legs with all my heart to walk.

I have no doubt that my legs can take me from A to B, that is because I have been using them & trusting them to carry me for at least 19 years. Once upon a time they were like half a foot long but as I have used them more and more my legs have grown stronger & bigger. This make sense and we can also apply this to our faith in God, the more we use it, the more it get stronger and bigger.

Why do I trust my legs with all my heart ?

It’s because when I command them to help me walk, they don’t fail me. At times when I’m weak physically or sick they may have stumble and wobble but when i’m well and fit they are firm.

I’m sure once upon a time, I tried to walk as a kid & failed, but due to practice, persistence, seeing others walk & the natural instinct believing I have these legs to walk I managed to be able to trust in my legs with all my heart.

So I figured that I need to remember this with my trust in God.

At first I may use my faith & may not get the result I wanted straight away, I may fall & make mistakes but if I persist eventually God will honour my desires, 1 testimony after another.

Then the testimonies will strengthen my assurance in God each time to the point that I can never doubt God’s power as every time I seek for His power/help, He give it to me, just like how every time I seek my legs to carry me, they do

Trusting is to have faith, you will never trust until you make the decision to at least try to trust. Let’s try God, if He is really perfect (Psalm 18:30), then He won’t fail in helping us all.

Trust In God

That’s All For Now…

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