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Do What’s RIGHT Regardless!


Do not expect things to get better in order to do what is RIGHT, choose to do what is RIGHT first for things to change.

It’s like an unspoken agreement: “If my life is good or improving, I will be a good person and do what is right! Otherwise, I wont be interested, why should I do what is right and be a good person?”.

You may not believe, but there are more people than you can imagine thinking that way. Spending their lives making silent agreements, even with God, deciding who to recognize, who to obey, who to love, only if He meets their requirements; otherwise they choose to disown Him, leave Him or even curse Him.

None of these things are often verbalized, but God better than anyone, knows the human heart and knows when he is acting out of interest or well intention. But lets go through this in parts, which is what is doing the right thing? You do what is true and right, where you have no doubt or be questioned. And in what circumstances or what issues should you do what is right?

In any circumstances or any and all subjects: whether in good or bad times, for good and bad people, the “insignificant” or important things and whether we win or lose it. Doing what is right must be something independent of everything, even of our own will.


This is the silent agreement that life, GOD, and we can all do with you. Doing what is right regardless of everything and everyone, and your life will change dramatically. Try it and see if it’s not true.

Those who consciously commit injustices are reaping tears which they will cry when they sow injustice tomorrow. This is the universal law of life. What goes around, comes around. What you do to others will come back to you.

Observe this law in action around you. There’s no judge, court, or police force to enforce it. Just the same this law is in action for everyone. You can see it when you study history. You can see it in your life. There’s a higher power which makes it comply:

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Galatians 6:7 NKJV

But in the moment of doing something unjust, especially when it benefits you temporarily, the tempting thought is: “You’re going to benefit. No one will know. You can do it, too bad for those who can’t.”

Fall for this temptation at your own risk. The best alternative is to always be just, no matter what, even if you’re apparently losing.


Bishop Julio Freitas – Check out his official blog: Bishop Julio Freitas Official Blog

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Protect Your Faith


You may ask: “why is my faith is so important?”

Firstly, Faith has nothing to do with religion, with biblical or theological knowledge.

Faith has to do with life and life depends on Faith. Someone will say: “Does the size of my Faith Matter?”, Jesus said it is meaningless! Regardless of the size of Faith, the most important thing is that it is pure, and clean. Faith can be as small as a mustard seed, but if it is not contaminated by doubt, By fear, by pride, idolatry, by grief, by selfishness, by arrogance, by complacency, then this Faith works, it is alive and powerful!

You must protect your Faith!  


Faith has nothing to do with religion.

All religions were created by the devil, he is the father of them all, according to the Scriptures. He takes advantage of the ignorance of people who think they know better by linking faith to religion, when in fact they are very far from the truth, in other words, they are ignorant towards the true meaning of the Word of God.

Faith has to do with life, intelligence and not with religion. This is why Jesus said we must love God with all our strength, with all our mind and all of our heart.

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23 NKJV

God made us a promise and He is faithful to fulfil this promise. You and I believe in the promise of God, but between the hearing of the Word of God and seeing the promises being fulfilled, there’s a period of time. It’s one thing to hear & talk about your faith in the promises but to guard & protect it regardless of what you see it completely different.

When things do not go as expected, when you don’t feel motivated to pray, work, study, and to go to church … No matter what you feel or see, stay true to your faith in the Promises of God.


You will hear and see everything that goes contrary to that which is expected. It’ll be a test and to see if you’ll give up, because it is precisely what the devil wants. Do not be childish in your Faith, guard, protect, and shelter the promises of God. Give it due weight it deserves, because it is God’s and He will fulfill it.

“For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise” Hebrews 10:36 NKJV

Have you forgiven? Stay true to your forgiveness.
Have you worked hard? Keep it up.
Have you fasted? Keep on fasting.
Have you sacrificed? Keep on sacrificing.
Have you prayed? Keep on praying.
Persevere! Do not get discouraged, do not give up!

This is how we prove the quality of our Faith, and not by just saying “Yes, I believe.”

P.S. Have you noticed, people who say they don’t believe in God are always staying true to their confession of hope/belief; We as Christians must do the same by staying true to what we believe God can do in our lives.

Julio Freitas – Check out his official blog: Julio Freitas Official Blog

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The “BRIDGE” That Connects Us To The God Of The Bible


It is the infallible weapon that overcomes all obstacles and solves all problems. In fact, it is the bridge connecting two worlds, the visible and the invisible, which are opened to all possibilities.

I personally believe, that for every problem or situation there is a solution. It’s because of this reason God gave us Intelligent Faith! Yes, faith exists to solve problems, but in addition to solving problems, Faith solves something very serious, which brings forth all the problems!

In fact, the Intelligent Faith is a bridge that connects us to God. And no matter the size of this Faith, according to the words of the Lord Jesus, if it is not accompanied by doubts, it can bring to existence that which does not exist! Good or even bad.

For every problem there is a solution through Faith. Mistakes, the wickedness of pride, vagueness, bitterness, revenge, idolatry, witchcraft, and occultism… all these problems or sins are overcome or resolved through faith in the Lord Jesus.


So, if by Intelligent Faith we solve or overcome problems, then it’s through the same Intelligent Faith that we should also be forgiven and saved.

What you have to do is use that same Faith! Note the example of David, he revolted against and was truly angry with his enemies, because he not only defeated one giant, but later, overcame other giants, armies and nations. In other words, he defeated his enemies but his obstacles only continued to increase.

First it was a lion, then a bear, followed by a giant, then other giants (Goliath’s brothers), then afterwards there were armies and thereafter nations that rose up against him, but he won, and kept on winning!

What does that mean? We also have to, WIN AND KEEP ON WINNING! In order to WIN, we must use Intelligent Faith to free ourselves from the power of sin, mistakes, accusations, and obey God in an unconditional and intelligent way.

What was the infallible weapon that Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Deborah, Gideon, Hannah, David and many other heroes and heroines of the Bible used in all their battles that ensured them their triumph? Only one weapon: the INTELLIGENT FAITH in the ONLY Living-God!


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Do You Know Why They Are Like That?


Sometimes we act like world-class idiots when we don’t understand the people we’re dealing with. We judge by appearances and ignore what can be behind people’s behaviour and their upbringing; just as the child in this story:

There was a boy who lived with his mother and his grandmother. His grandfather wasn’t very old, but he was confined to a wheelchair and had very little use of his arms. He had marks and scars on his face and swallowed food with great difficulty.

It was the boy’s chore to go to his grandfather’s room and feed him lunch every day. The boy did it diligently, but not happily. After all, feeding his grandfather in that condition was depressing, besides the mess that he made.

As the boy grew and became an adolescent, he became tired of his responsibility. One day, angered, he came into the kitchen and told his Mother that he had enough.

“From now on, you feed grandpa.”

Very patiently his mother stopped her chores and asked her son to sit, and said: “You’re a young man now. It’s time for you to know the truth about your grandfather.” 

“Your grandfather wasn’t always confined to a wheelchair. In truth, he was a great athlete. But when you were a baby, there was an accident.”

The boy leaned forward in his chair as his mother started to cry.

“There was a fire. Your father was working in the basement, and thought you were with me in the kitchen. I thought you were down there with him. In truth, you were upstairs in your crib. We both ran out of the house. Your grandfather ran up, rolled you up in a wet comforter, and ran like a madman through the flames. He brought you safely to me and your father.”

“He was quickly taken to the emergency room with second and third degree burns, as well as smoke inhalation. The reason why he’s like that today is because of what he suffered the day he saved your life.”

By this time, the tears were rolling down the boys face as well. He never knew about this, his grandfather had never told him. And without a conscious effort on his part, his attitude changed. Without complaining, he took his grandfather’s lunch tray and took it to his room.


Once you understand someone, know who they really are, where they come from, what were the experiences that turned them into who they are today, you will easily understand why they do what they do. They won’t change, but you’ll change the way you look at them, and consequently your attitudes towards them will change.

Whether in your marriage, with your family, in your workplace, at school, or with a neighbor, understanding someone can completely change your relationship.

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Life Getting You Confused? This Maths Trick Can Help

Sometimes in life you’re going to feel all tied up and confused & nothing is going to make any sense to you anymore. Perhaps you chose a path which you regret but now it seems like it’s too late & the damage is done. The things you most wish were going well are not. People don’t understand you, you don’t even understand yourself. What to do?


Do you remember Math class?

It was very common to begin solving a problem, an equation, or even a simple addition, division, or multiplication problem, and then reaching a point where you get all tied up. You would lose the notion of what was what. Smoke would start coming out of your head and all you wanted to do was scream and curse the teacher for giving you that task. Remember?

What was the teacher’s advice in that case?

“Go back to the point where you were sure that you were right, and take it from there.”

This advice also applies to the equations and problems in life. When we are all tied up and don’t know what’s what, the best thing is to go back and re-take the road from where things were going well.

  • How did you behave when your relationship was going well?
  • What would you do when things were going really well at work, school, college or university?
  • What were your habits when you were doing well spiritually?
  • Were you better off single before getting into a relationship that has brought you more pain than love?
  • What were your eating and exercise habits when you weighed 10 pounds less?


If you’re not well right now, remember when you were doing better. Go back to that place. Remember when things were good and figure out the point in which the train derailed. Return to the pre-disaster attitudes. Start over.

Don’t despair or curse anybody. The equation can still be solved and end well.

Just like maths, life has its tricks. Perhaps it’s time to learn them.

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Religious Faith vs Intelligent Faith


“Religious faith falls before necessities, INTELLIGENT FAITH stands in the midst of difficulties.”

Acceptance, prostration, conformism and even negativity, these are the position that millions of people have put themselves in before the problems they face in their lives. What’s the most striking thing is that these same millions, apart from the problems, claim to have a religion, a supposed faith in which they base themselves on.

So, what’s the difference between those who have faith and those who say they do not believe in anything at all? Actually the real question is not this, the question should be: What is the difference between religious faith and intelligent faith?

The difference is this: one prostrates us and the other lifts us up.

One makes us conformed while the other revolts us.

One makes us accept and on the other hand the other makes us claim what is ours to have.

One makes us skeptical and the other makes us BELIEVE.

Now think with me for just a moment, which of these two faiths would you feel truly accomplished or fulfilled with?

Bishop Julio Freitas – Check out his blog:

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A Bit Of Motivation #8











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