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Are You Anxious For Something Right Now?



Oh we have all been there. Wanting something so much, too much in fact, to the point where you lose all sense of composure and peace because you don’t have it.

But have you realised, anxiety does not get rid of tomorrow’s sadness but it does take away your strength for today, strength which you need to create a solution to stop it.

Anxiety makes you live the problem a hundred times before it actually happens. It makes you fear something that only exists within your imagination.

Due to anxiety some don’t take an action or they hurry to take an action and provoke a disaster. Thankfully there is an antidote to it. The opposite of anxiety is to be chillaxed, composed & hopeful of positive results. In other words, FAITH.

Faith in what or who? In someone who can guarantee a positive result. Jesus once taught about anxiety and said in order to overcome it you have to stop and think. Look at a field or forest and ask yourself: Who nourishes the animals and birds which live there? Who made those beautiful plants, flowers, and butterflies to the tiniest of detail? Who is their gardener, or the one who throws food to them?

What we can conclude is that Someone greater than a human, with infinitely more power, takes care of all of this.


And the good news is that this Someone is our Father. And what father doesn’t know what His son needs? 

This is the basis of faith which nulls and overcomes anxiety of the heart. If you are anxious in regards to your love life, family, finances etc…

Stop. Think. Take your mind to God. Talk to him about your fears. Tell him about your fears. Tell him what worries you. And then be quiet. Hear in your most intimate a calm confirmation that He will take care of you.

Once again: Take a deep breathe. Chillax. Think positively. Now allow God to comfort you. He doesn’t fail.


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