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Write Or Type Your Goals || It’s Very Important


Allo Mate! Welcome Back To My Blog. Please Have A Read Of The Following, The Title Of The Post Explains What Your In For…

“God knows… He knows the desires of my heart… I’ve already told Him all my dreams…” time and time again we try and justify why we haven’t fulfilled our dreams yet. Find out what’s missing in you! For the Christians and believers in God, let me use an example that is outside of our universe, just to prove that living with an Intelligent Faith is not exclusively for Christians & believers of God but anyone who puts it into practice.

If what you’re about read happens in the life of those who don’t believe in a God, then imagine those who do. I saw this on the net, this question was asked to MBA students at Harvard: Do you have clear and defined objectives, written on paper, along with a plan on how to achieve them?

Only 3% of graduates had goals written on paper, along with some sort of plan on how to achieve them. 13% had goals but had not put them down on paper. 84% had no goals whatsoever.


Now this is the amazing part, because ten years later, investigators went back to check on the professional lives of those who took part in the survey, and made an interesting discovery:

  • The 13% who had goals, but had not written them down, were earning, on average, twice as much as the 84% who didn’t have goals.
  • The 3% who written their goals and plans down, were earning ten times more than the other 97% put together.

Sooooooo, listen up my friend. People don’t die when they stop breathing, they die when they stop dreaming. Please, dream a lot! But never forget to write these dreams down, then plan on how to reach them and take action!

I have my goals for 2015 written down already, have you? Take a few hours to just think and plan, you won’t regret it when you have achieved your goal.

God Bless U. Please follow my blog and share it with friends and family. Thanks =D

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