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To Progress; Look Back Less!


Have you noticed the details of a sports car? Far beyond it’s power, I focus on the car’s aerodynamics and streamlining. These are designed with one objective in mind: TO MOVE FORWARD!

Sometimes things are so obvious that we end up not thinking deeply enough about them, and eventually miss out on important things we could have learned.

I thought about writing this in order to wake you up and make you think twice, when the thought of getting stuck in the past and giving up comes to mind. I confess, I stopped to think about what I was writing and I learned something.

So here it goes:

What is the purpose of the external rear-view mirrors on a car? To look at what’s behind. It seems obvious. However, it is much smaller than the windshield (which, as we know, is used for looking ahead).

Very well then…

Have you ever noticed how different the external rear view mirrors of a truck and those of a sports car are? That’s right, the truck has huge mirrors and the sports car has much smaller ones. In some cases they are so small that they barely serve the purpose for which they were designed.

Do you know why the mirrors are tiny? Because sports cars are meant to move fast, and the bigger the mirrors, the greater the air resistance, thus decreasing the capacity of progression of the vehicle. In other words, it only gets in the way.

If we move from cars to motorcycles, the mirror is literally “removed” from the original spot. In other words, the desire to progress and overcome is so high that very few times you look back, hence the lack of necessity for a mirror. Another reason is, because staring at it can be very dangerous, especially with intended driving style of these kind of vehicles.

It’s a face, as long as I’m first, it doesn’t matter how far away is my opponent is (he can even be very close to me). Why should I be looking back all the time?

So, we can conclude that (and this is where I learned something): Whoever wants to progress quickly, should look back very few times.

It’s not down to the engine. as the truck has a very powerful one, just like the sports car. It’s a matter of “plucking out” the rearview mirror and stop looking behind.

Bishop Julio Freitas


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