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The Cost of Spiritual Maturity

I believe that the Holy Spirit uses the many experiences that those who have it go through, to show them that the Promised Land truly flows with milk and honey. It’s a reality, But, in order to get there they must cross deserts, face lions, snakes and scorpions etc…

They are responsible for charging the battery of our perseverance, stimulating our faith and, above all, cause our conviction in the relationship with the Almighty to mature. The Word of God is the transmitter of faith, and man is the recipient of faith.

At times, there may be some small barriers or a complete blockade in this channel of communication. It’s like a highway: there are holes, hills and barriers that may cause delays, but they do not block the passage of vehicles. However, there are also complete blockades, where the driver must stop & go in a different direction.

The small barriers in our faith are the trails, persecutions and injustices that rocks us, but does not block us, under any circumstances, from executing our faith. And the “complete blockades” are EMOTIONS. That’s what happened with Peter, while he was walking on water, he noticed the wind and allowed FEAR(an emotion) to completely block his faith at that moment.

I always say to myself that when we are not careful, our heart can become the headquarters of the devil & our mind can be the headquarters of God. The devil wants us to live by how we feel but God commands us to disregard our feelings and live by an intelligent faith, not fanatical faith (emotionally based).

The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is? Jeremiah 17:9 NLT

The greatest enemy of faith are the EMOTIONS that feed doubt; Doubt eats emotions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they are its food.

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