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Illness of the Spirit


“The positive define their goals, the negative define their own limits.”

The worst disease that exists is that of the spirit. A negative person isn’t strong enough to define their own objectives, thus giving more importance to their limits. Every human being can get to where their vision takes them, but everything that is achieved depends heavily on the quality of a person’s thoughts.

A negative person sees obstacles even where there aren’t any, and is easily shaken up by fear. Fear prevents a person from acting. Even when knowing what to do, fear will inhibit the person from applying all their strength into something. Doubts, fears and discouragement will prevent them from advancing.

When a person is positive, they progress. They don’t look at the circumstances around them, instead, they clearly define their objectives. They live, daily, with a set goal for their life and never cross their arms until it is achieved. They have a victorious, optimistic and conquering spirit.


Don’t let your hands become weak in any way. Define your goals, because after you reach them, you’ll see that all the effort was worth it.

Bishop Julio Freitas

If you want more from him, visit his official blog:


Twitter: @Mrchampionaire

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