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Decide To Overcome

If your decision to overcome is strong enough, the many obstacles that lie ahead will never take you by surprise.


At every stage of our life, we live in times when we have to make decisions. Decisions to get up from bed, decisions to eat or not, decision to exercise, decision to tell the truth or not, decisions to conform to our problems and give up or the decision to overcome.

Decision-making is the result of moral and social values; experiences and maturity. And if that decision is not strong enough, a person will be very hesitant when facing a major challenge.

When we are fully convinced of what we want, there are no obstacles too big or powerful, that may surprise us to the point of paralyzing us; on the contrary, obstacles are predictable and intelligently overcomed. In order for you to be a pillar, you must overcome: overcome shyness, fear, doubts and weaknesses while being deeply convinced that every day is a new opportunity to reach the desired goal.

Is your decision to overcome guiding you, or the decision to complain, moaning, waste time and fear the obstacles paralyzing you? Walk firmly without taking your eyes off your target and you will see the supernatural happen.


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