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It’s Harder Because You’re His

Joshua 3

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Have U Been Trying To Achieve Something In Ur Life But Can’t? To The Point Where U Think There’s Something Wrong With U! As U Have Seen Others Have Achieved It…

Personally, there are things I have set out to conquer in the past and I either wasn’t able to achieve it or it was a real struggle to achieve. Even when I fully prepare and it would seem I had all the odd on my side, it was very hard; and in the past 7 years, I have seen many cases similar to mine in other Christians lives.

A Christian will set out to achieve something which is part of the life and life more abundantly (John 10:10) the Lord Jesus promised to give to us. They will study, prepare, practice, train, apply etc… But during the process, things happen that cause them to doubt in themselves & they begin to wonder “why is this so hard?”

Or to use another analogy, they apply for something that they are entitled to, usually the process should be an easy and smooth one, but for the Christian, the process is tedious, unnecessarily confusing, things get lost, there’s constant complications & delays. Yet, an unbeliever who has no relationship with God will go and do the same thing, and in some cases won’t even prepare half as much as the Christian did but achieve what they didn’t with hardly and sometimes no stress or blockage at all.

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I went to the deliverance service in my church yesterday and God gave to my pastor and me a great understanding as to why this happens to Christians nowadays. The bible says the following:

Now Jericho was securely shut up because of the children of Israel; none went out, and none came in. Joshua 6:1 NKJV

The land of Jericho was part of the Promised Land, meaning, this was the children of Israel’s entitlement, inheritance, goal to be achieved. However, what was stopping them from achieving their goal? Some massive walls, not only that, they were as the bible says, securely shut up; when something is secure it is not easy to gain access to.

And do you get why it was like that? It’s because they were the children of Israel, in other words, they represented God.

Just like the children of Israel in the past, Christians represent the living God. He has promised to us life and life more abundantly; but of course, the devil and his demons don’t want us to gain access to this. So what do they do? They put up strong blockages, delays, distractions, confusions, doubts and sometimes they even use people/relatives to impede us from achieving our goal.

Of course, if you are not a serious Christian, you’re an on and off type or worse a hypocrite, then you’re the blockage yourself, you don’t represent God, therefore you’re not entitled to His promises.

But if you know you’re a serious Christian, if you have already, stop doubting in yourself, stop thinking you’re the problem, it’s not you, it’s the demons working extra hard against you. They know who you represent! They know what your success will cost them and how this will promote the God that you believe in.

It’s time for you to assume your authority over these demons and fight against them. The Lord Jesus said:

Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Luke 10:19 NKJV

And His brother said:

Resist the devil and he will flee from you. James 4:7 NKJV

If Ur Not Fighting In Faith, U Will Not Achieve God’s Promises. I Pray That U Understand! God Bless

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Trusting Someone With That “Thing”


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In This Post, I Refer To The Word “Thing” A Lot. The “Thing” Is Whatever U Make It Out To Be, Whether It’s Something Valuable Or Not…

Humanly speaking, when we place a “Thing” into someone’s hands, we give them rule over it; we turnover our exclusive and total authority. Correct?

This means the person we give it to, either forever or for a period of time, become the sole controller/authority over that “Thing”, and how they handle that “Thing”. Yes or No?

The original owner now loses their exclusive authority over the handling of that “Thing”, which means they are now suppose to let the new owner/authority handle the “Thing” as they please, and trust that they will take care of the “Thing” properly.


Do you see yourself worried or anxious? This is normal, within reason, as we will all naturally think our handling of the “Thing” is the best and any other way is risky. However, if your constantly feeling like this, this shows that you don’t really trust that person with that “Thing”, and their ability to handle the “Thing” accordingly.

If that’s the case, why give that “Thing” over to them in the first place? You could save yourself the hassle and stress if you kept it in your hands. If you see yourself constantly having to tell them what to do, it means that either they are not ready and mature enough to handle the “Thing” or your not ready to trust them with that “Thing”.

You shouldn’t give an important “Thing” to someone you didn’t trust could handle it! This is rare sense.

Handing over keys on blue sky

But the truth is, in most cases, your giving that “Thing” over because you have seen somehow that that person can handle your “Thing” and get the job done, so let them be! Once you have given it over, use your reason and remind yourself of this, stop being emotional by still trying to control the “Thing” once you’ve given it over.

Especially if the being your handing over that “Thing” to is GOD.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding…” Proverbs 3:5 NKJV

This Is What God Revealed To Me Recently. It’s Easier Said Than Done, I Know! But It’s The Intelligent Thing To Do. May God Give U Strength To Trust Him.

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Overly Zealous & Immature Christians


Something I Have Been Recently Thinking About…

God has not called me to force people to change; neither has He called me to be judgmental in my mannerisms around those who are not obeying His Word. It is very easy to get caught up in the work of God, and believe that we can change people via nagging, rebukes, constant phone calls & texts, indirects, forcing them to do certain things and the list goes on.

The soul winner’s intentions are good, they want the person to be saved and serve God. However, in this act of immaturity, even with matured Christians, we can cause souls to not only resist the advice given, look at the person with bad eyes, but they may also decide to not give God a chance at all. Those who are immature or over zealous end up doing the work of the devil and not realising.

The devil will end up throwing thoughts in the person’s mind like:

  1. Is it by force that I must come to church?
  2. I feel judged by this person’s mannerisms towards me, doesn’t God say we should not judge?
  3. I feel like I’m being controlled!
  4. Didn’t God give me free will? So why do I feel that this person is trying to control me & my personal relationship with God?

And the list goes on…


Do you know what I believe? I think man forget that we are suppose to be God’s Instrument of Influence/Support and not the instrument of transformation/change. The bottom line is that there are only two being that can transform a person’s life, God and Themselves!

Don’t get it twisted, you cannot change anyone. You can even force it but those changes will not last. As a true Christian, we need to know, embrace and respect our role. God wants to use us to:

  1. Introduce Him to a soul
  2. Show & Gorify Him through our life
  3. Talk the truth about Him & what He has to offer
  4. Give the person the opportunities to know Him for themselves.

At no point does it say force Him to them or actually transform the person by our strength! That, in my opinion, is the work of the devil, not God. God gave us all free will, who are we to force and impose God’s will on anyone?

So it’s vital we remember our roles as evangelist, as an instrument of influence and not an instrument of change.


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Fasting – Feeding Your Authority


God Really Wants Us As Man To Assume Our Rightful Position In The Authority Pyramid, However, If We Neglect This Authority, Guess Who Will Use It?

Why does our flesh and satan hate it when we decide to fast? This is because in the moments of fasting, we are starving our flesh and causing it to lose it’s spiritual dominance over us. We are off auto pilot, which is feeding our physical desires and now feeding and strengthen the Spirit and Soul that God gave us. 

Furthermore we are feeding and strengthen our God given spiritual authority, which satan and our flesh hates. 

I personally use to dislike fasting. I simply saw it as a kill joy and tedious. I would wonder why as a Christian, we needed to do such a tedious & boring thing. Then I started thinking about the numerous examples in the bible, of people who fasted and saw the manifestation of God in their lives.

Fasting’s spiritual significant in man’s life is crucial to assuming our authority and closeness to God. When a person neglects fasting, they are in turn, telling satan, “you can take my authority, I don’t care for it much, you can rule over me.”

As the Lord Jesus said, we are the salt of the earth (Matt 5:13) but when we don’t invest in fasting, we lose our flavour, influence, authority and become in the spiritual sense, vulnerable, helpless & useless. 

When A Person Decides To Fast, They Are Choosing To Feed & Strengthen The Spirit & Soul God Gave To Them (Genesis 2:7). May God Give U A Deeper Understanding In Jesus Name, Amen.