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Cheating The Process


No one can escape the reality that with everything in life, there is a natural process. A set process that if we want to achieve anything but most importantly, in the right way, we have to go through.

To be alive right now, we all had to go through the process for birth.

How ever old you are, to get to the stage you are now, you had to go through the process of growing up: Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence etc…

To gain the knowledge you have today, you had to go through the process of learning, whether that be through parents, educational institutions & life experiences.

To be so good at whatever talent you have, you had to go through the process of being told what to do, practicing, making mistakes, trying again etc…


BUT one thing I’m sure of is that things get messy & complicated when we try to rush the natural process, or in other words, when we try to “cheat the process”. Let’s use some examples:

1. Instead of trusting in the process of working hard through the good & bad times so you can become wealthy & established; wanting to get rich within a short period of time & resorting to risky short cuts & sometimes illegal activities.

2. Instead of trusting in the process of training hard in the gym or exercising & dieting to lose weight or gain muscles & feeling great about yourself; resorting to risky short cuts & sometimes illegal short cuts.

To those who like short cuts, those who like avoiding hard work & those who complain about the process being too long: Haven’t you ever thought about the vital lessons that are set up that you will miss out on if you cheat/rush the process?


Without those vital lessons, don’t be surprised when you somehow get whatever it is you wanted through cheating the process, but it doesn’t last.

The wise person is the one who decides to trust and enjoy the process, no matter how long or hard it may be. Why? Because they trusted the process & respected the process; because of that they will learn from the process & gain from it.

When they receive what they were aiming for, they will be able to handle it, establish it & above all ENJOY IT for a long time.


I Hope This Helped =D

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