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Life Getting You Confused? This Maths Trick Can Help

Sometimes in life you’re going to feel all tied up and confused & nothing is going to make any sense to you anymore. Perhaps you chose a path which you regret but now it seems like it’s too late & the damage is done. The things you most wish were going well are not. People don’t understand you, you don’t even understand yourself. What to do?


Do you remember Math class?

It was very common to begin solving a problem, an equation, or even a simple addition, division, or multiplication problem, and then reaching a point where you get all tied up. You would lose the notion of what was what. Smoke would start coming out of your head and all you wanted to do was scream and curse the teacher for giving you that task. Remember?

What was the teacher’s advice in that case?

“Go back to the point where you were sure that you were right, and take it from there.”

This advice also applies to the equations and problems in life. When we are all tied up and don’t know what’s what, the best thing is to go back and re-take the road from where things were going well.

  • How did you behave when your relationship was going well?
  • What would you do when things were going really well at work, school, college or university?
  • What were your habits when you were doing well spiritually?
  • Were you better off single before getting into a relationship that has brought you more pain than love?
  • What were your eating and exercise habits when you weighed 10 pounds less?


If you’re not well right now, remember when you were doing better. Go back to that place. Remember when things were good and figure out the point in which the train derailed. Return to the pre-disaster attitudes. Start over.

Don’t despair or curse anybody. The equation can still be solved and end well.

Just like maths, life has its tricks. Perhaps it’s time to learn them.

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