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Fly High


“Just as a bird with broken wings cannot fly, so are those who allow their objectives to be shattered and destroyed.”

Imagine looking up to the sky and getting a glimpse of an enormous bird in flight! What freedom!

It must be delightful to be able to observe the world from the top. Everything becomes so small that there’s no reason to fear, just to fly and feel the wonderful sensation of not being tied down to anything, except for living a life with goals and objectives to achieve your dreams!

Now imagine how the life of a bird with broken wings is!


How can it be happy and feel free?

This is the life of those who allow their objectives to be shattered and destroyed. Although there are storms, thunderstorms, lightning and many other weather phenomena around it, birds don’t allow themselves to be brought down. They fly incessantly and are happy.

If life has shattered and broken your “wings” because of what you see and/or feel; Heal and recover quickly, so you can fly high and achieve all your dreams.

Don’t allow the storms of life that will always come & past, rob you of your RIGHT of  flying high!

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