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The Two Types Of Faith


Emotional faith feels, rational faith thinks; Emotional faith sees and is solely focused on the circumstances, rational faith believes in what is written; Emotional faith trembles and fears at the sound of the war drums. Rational faith hears the outcry of war and, by faith, sees the Lord of hosts taking action.

Emotional faith decides with the heart, rational faith decides according to the Mind of Christ – the Holy Bible; Emotional faith is inclined to the passions of the heart, especially because of what its eyes see and its ears hear. But rational faith is a servant of what is written.

Emotional faith is sometimes hot, warm or cold, but rational faith does not care about how it’s feeling. It simply believes, regardless of how it feels or does not feel; Emotional faith longs to feel God’s presence during meetings. On the other hand, rational faith is not concerned with feeling because it is certain of His presence.

Like it is written: “… where two or three are gathered together in My Name, I am there in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20


Emotional faith is hostage to the voice of the heart. However, rational faith is always attentive to the voice of the Holy Spirit;

Emotional faith wants because it wants to feel something at any cost. This is why its love life is a complete failure. No one is able to satisfy its needs. It is like a bottomless pit. The more it has, the more it wants. Its void constantly gets bigger.

But a faith that thinks, reasons, and especially meditates on the Word of God, knows that sooner or later it will be fulfilled. Like the Lord, despite being hungry, did not surrender, faith in the Word of God awaits the fulfillment of what IS WRITTEN!

In conclusion, intelligent, rational or supernatural faith is the Power of God, the Breath of the Almighty, the Cloud of God leading His people in the desert, the Pillar of Fire during the dark desert nights, the Shadow of the Almighty, the Secret Place of the Most High, the Presence of God, the Spirit of God and the Lord Jesus Christ in Spirit among His people.

Those who possess it are blessed and filled with joy because they are permanently in communion with the Eternal. Those who do not possess it are wretched and miserable.


Edir Macedo

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