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It’s 2014, Whos Recipe Are U Following?


It’s been a year since I started my personal blog & because of it, throughout the year I have developed my writing skills & fulfilled my desire to help motivate people to do positive things with there life. I delayed starting this blog in previous years due to laziness, fear of it not being read & above all time wasting; but thank God I DECIDED to fulfill the desire I had inside of me.

Now 2014 is finally here, will it be a productive year for me and you? will we achieve all our set goals? Do we even have goals? As i learned in the UCKG’s new year’s eve night vigil, the new year is just another day, nothing changes besides the date. HOWEVER, 2014 can be a spectacular year if you & I, that is if we DECIDE for it to be.

The info I want to share with you right at the beginning of the year is this: Whos recipe are we going to following throughout 2014?

recipe book

God has the recipe for a life filled with blessings & ultimate fulfillment; satan has the recipe for a life filled with momentary fulfillment but plenty curses & pain.

We choose which recipe to follow everyday concerning our Spiritual life, Character, Financial Life, Love Life, Health, Family etc… We all have natural desire daily e.g. to go on holiday,lose weight, gain some new skills, buy a car, make big amount of money, to win a competition e.g. the world cup(for the sportsmen), recover from an injury, find a boyfriend/girlfriend, have sex,learn a new skill and the list goes on.

With all of these desires we have a choice on who’s recipe we will follow to fulfill these desires, God’s or satan’s. These desire can be compared to meals e.g. Jellof rice, Ogbono soup, Akara, Egusi stew, Pounded yam(I’m Nigerian, i love our foods =D) Pizza, Jacket Potato, Fish & chips, lasagna, a curry etc… and the way we go about fulfilling it can be compared to following a recipe we have seen or read.

With each meal comes different ways to prepare it CORRECTLY e.g. time taken, ingredients, oven, grill, tools needed etc… NOW Let’s compare one of our desires with a cooked chicken LOL


There’s a correct way or recipe to cook a chicken for eating and multiple ways of cooking it incorrectly but today we will use these three examples:  Raw chicken, Burnt chicken & of course a well done chicken

Chicken is there to fulfill our hungry desire, taste good & make us stronger. Now if we ate it raw, it will fulfill our hunger but won’t taste nice & will make us sick; if we ate it when it’s burnt, it will fulfill our hunger but it won’t taste nice & will make me sick; but if we wash it, season it & patiently allow it to cook, it will fulfill our hunger, taste great & even strengthen us.

Now compare this to the decision you will make daily throughout 2014, will you have a year fulfilling your desire by following the right recipe or the wrong recipe? The recipe for a well done chicken, the recipe of a raw chicken or the recipe of a burnt chicken? A year filled with decisions that will leave you with a smile on your face, fulfilled and strengthen or decisions that will only make you feel pain, cause long standing problems or even life risking situations.

Who do you think wants you to enjoy a desire that fulfills you, tastes great & strengthens you? Who do you think wants you to enjoy a desire that fulfills you temporarily but later tastes bitter, makes you sick, causes more stress in the long run etc?

Who’s recipe are you going to following daily in 2014?

I’ll end by saying I advice you to make your 2014 a year filled with INTELLIGENT decision making.

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