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Why People Leave The Church?


Allo Mate! Hope Your Doing Fine. I Hope Ur Really Being Helped By My Blog Posts. Today’s Post Is Very Interesting, I Saw It On My Church’s Head Bishop Blog A Few Months Ago & Believe It Really Clarify WHY PEOPLE LEAVE THEIR CHURCH…

The number of people that say they are disappointed with evangelical churches has been on the rise throughout the world. They chose to stay away from their denominations, and their reasons revolve around being disappointed with the institution and its people. Some, after visiting several congregations, throw in the towel, suggesting that the organized church system is in ruins and that it is completely unnecessary to be tied to a church and follow its rules.

This movement has gained strength among millions of ex-members from various denominations. Yet, they don’t feel like they’ve fallen away from the faith. In most cases, their detachment from the church was caused by problems with a person or several people in the church. We have come across people who have suffered because of lies, spiritual abuse, wrongful judgment, mistreatment, scandals etc…

I’m going to share my personal experience to further clarify this matter. Soon, I will be completing 30 years as a member of the UCKG and, during this time, I have met thousands of people. Among them, many are sincere and of excellent character. However, I have also come across some with a bad character, who were only seeking their own promotion and glory. I recognize, from personal experience, that this minority does impose certain suffering on other members. But I decided not to allow my faith to be affected by this. I think that running away from church won’t prevent anyone from experiencing disappointments.

How many times have you had a falling out with a family member? But you didn’t exclude yourself from your family because of it.


If in order to protect our faith and well being, the Lord Jesus would have given an example of living alone and isolated, RIGHT? However, He did exactly the opposite. Even with the corrupt and hypocritical religious system of His day, He was a zealous Jew. He went to the Temple and synagogues. He obeyed the Law, but rejected the traditions. He knew there was no way to influence others if He was not among them. He interacted with all kinds of people, but only a few were real with Him. To avoid disappointments, He taught us that we should not expect much from men because they have flaws.

I learned that when a man of God is on the Altar, he is a Divine outlet for the people. But, once he steps down from the Altar, he is a normal person, with his own personality, strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, people create a “holier-than-thou” identity for them, but they are not prepared to see their flaws. So, they end up scandalized by them and turn away from the church.

Of course, I’m talking about mistakes, because, if it comes to living in sin, then these people are not fit to be teaching anyone at all. This is why there must be a level of discipline in churches. You should also understand that just because someone sinned, you shouldn’t allow your faith to be influenced. We must keep our eyes fixed on the Greatest Example, and not commit the mistake of thinking no one else is sincere or cares about blessing others.


If you are reading this and happened to go through a bad situation that caused you to fall away, then I’m sorry. But it would be good for you reconsider your decision and return. Believe that the Almighty can make right all the evil you experienced, and will use this for your own growth.

Think about this: How will He do justice or defend you, if you got tired, gave up or took matters into your own hands?

You may get hurt by others, but this will refine and teach you. And with regards to the existing rules in the churches, which people often criticize, please understand that they are necessary. Imagine a place where hundreds or thousands of people gather and each one decides to do what they want, how they want and when they want?

When it comes to the millions of men and women that are putting their Salvation at risk by holding on to these thoughts, I want you to understand that I’m not defending the church, because I am aware that the church is not what is going to save you. My goal is to show you that the physical church is essential for you to be corrected, exhorted, encouraged to bear fruits and develop your gifts. Living apart from this communion would be like separating a fish from water, blood from the body, clouds from heaven or Christ from His Church.

I Always Remind Myself Of This Reality To Make Me Keep Going: Where There’s People, There Will Always Be A Chance Of Problems.

God Bless You All

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Can Others See Jesus In U?


Hello Reader, My Mum Sent This Story To Me & I Thought I Showed Share It With U…

A few years ago a group of salesmen went to a regional sales convention in Chicago .. They had assured their wives that they would be home in plenty of time for Friday night’s dinner. In their rush, with tickets and briefcases, one of these salesmen inadvertently kicked over a table which held a display of apples. Apples flew everywhere. Without stopping or looking back, they all managed to reach the plane in time for their nearly-missed boarding. ALL BUT ONE!!!

He paused, took a deep breath, got in touch with his feelings and experienced a twinge of compassion for the girl whose apple stand had been overturned. He told his buddies to go on without him, waved good-bye, told one of them to call his wife when they arrived at their home destination and explain his taking a later flight. Then he returned to the terminal where the apples were all over the terminal floor.

He was glad he did. The 16-year-old girl was totally blind! She was softly crying, tears running down her cheeks in frustration, and at the same time helplessly groping for her spilled produce as the crowd swirled about her; no one stopping and no one to care for her plight. The salesman knelt on the floor with her, gathered up the apples, put them back on the table and helped organize her display. As he did this, he noticed that many of them had become battered and bruised; these he set aside in another basket.


When he had finished, he pulled out his wallet and said to the girl, “Here, please take this $40 for the damage we did. Are you okay?”She nodded through her tears. He continued on with, “I hope we didn’t spoil your day too badly.”
As the salesman started to walk away, the bewildered blind girl called out to him, “Mister….” He paused and turned to look back into those blind eyes. She continued, “Are you Jesus?”


He stopped in mid-stride and he wondered. He gently went back and said, “No, I am nothing like Jesus – He is good, kind, caring, loving, and would never have bumped into your display in the first place. The girl gently nodded: “I only asked because I prayed for Jesus to help me gather the apples. He sent you to help me, so you are like Him – only He knows who will do His will. Thank you for hearing His call, Mister.”

Then slowly he made his way to catch the later flight with that question burning and bouncing about in his soul: “Are you Jesus?”


Do people mistake you for Jesus?


That’s our destiny, is it not? To be so much like Jesus that people cannot tell the difference as we live and interact with a world that is blind to His love, life and grace. If we claim to know Him, we should live, walk and act as He would. Knowing Him is more than simply quoting scripture and going to church. It’s actually living the Word as life unfolds day to day. You are the apple of His eye even though you, too, have been bruised by a fall. He stopped what He was doing and picked up you and me on a hill called Calvary and paid in full for our damaged fruit.


Be a practicing Christian; not a hypocritical & talk the talk but not walking the walk believer. God Bless.

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The DNA Of The “Holy Spirit”


Hello Everyone, Hope Your Having A Good Day. The DNA Of The Holy Spirit! The Book Of Galatians Speak About The Fruit/DNA Of The Holy Spirit, In Addition To That I Wanted To Give My Opinion On This DNA From My Wisdom…

If you seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and receive it, your character, actions, thoughts etc… will become like God’s. You will have the same mindset that Jesus Christ had plus a new heart that is after the Father’s, an honest behaviour, become a person of integrity and in a nutshell, your character will be totally different from the character of those who don’t have the Holy Spirit.

When you receive the Holy Spirit, you will not become perfect, and no longer make mistake or sin, NO, a thousand times NO! But you will in my opinion be closer to perfection than ever.

People who are born of God(those who have the Holy Spirit) are always conscience of what they do, constantly thinking like their Father, God. God keeps to His word when you trust Him, so His children strive to keep to their word. God forgive and shows mercy, so His children strive to forgive and show mercy. God hates sin and injustice, so His children alike hate sin and injustice. And this all becomes so natural to those who have God’s DNA, the Holy Spirit.


People who are born of God carry the DNA of God, that is, they reflect the character of God.

To find true character and integrity nowadays these days is like searching for a needle in a haystack; it’s like swimming against the tide of this world.

For those who want to inherit eternal salvation, it is useless to profess the Christian faith if your behaviour is contrary to the Word of God.

If you abide in My word, you are my disciples indeed. John 8:31 NKJV

He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him…If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him. John 14.21-23 NKJV

MJ 2012 book of life

A disciple is not the one who says he is or who feels like one; a disciple is someone who follows, practices, keeps and obeys the Word of his Master.

And one more thing – Just as the Father is honoured when He fulfills His Word, His children are honoured when they keep their word. The Lord Jesus, for example, teaches that a marriage made by God cannot be broken. His children honour their vows made on the altar to their spouse, before the Word of God, for their word is worth more than their feelings.

God Bless Y’all

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What’s Up Err’body!  Time For Your CINJECTION…

The same way I believe God created the world with His words, I believe He gave us the gift and power to create the life that we live. I also believe we have to power to motive and create change in people to.

When we compliment, encourage or motive someone, we will make them feel a great amount of joy and determination.

Try this strategy instead of complaining, criticizing, attacking and pointing out mistakes all the time. But don’t just do this once. Decide to do this always and adopt it as a new behaviour.






I Will Be This Hench (2)


My Path

F.E.A.R Has 2 Meanings


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After God Forgives; Guess What?


Hello Faithful Readers & Newcomers =] I Want To Talk To You About The Consequences Of Sin…

Not Too Long Ago, I Sinned. =[

I Know, Unbelievable Right, I’m A Disgrace, I Shouldn’t Ever Preach The Gospel Again Because I’m Not Worthy Right?

WRONG! I’m Far From Perfect, I Do Sin Every Now & Again But I Don’t Live In Sin. I Repent & Bare The Fruits Of Repentance Always.  And the most glorious thing is that God’s forgiveness is bigger than any sin, but sadly it doesn’t keep the sinner from suffering the consequence of what he/she did.

One thing that is vital to remember is: To forgive is to eliminate the anger or hurt against the one who sinned. However, forgiveness does not deal with the consequences of the sin, just the sinner.

Many live in sin, some enjoy it because they know no better, while other postpone repenting and changing because of the desire to “enjoy themselves a little bit longer.” They usually tells themselves, “I know I have to change, I will change, but not now… Just a little bit longer… I’ll fix things with God and the world later.” I know I was guilty of thinking like this once upon a time. It remind me of the lie we tell ourselves when we hear our morning alarm…


God forgives the proud, arrogant, rude & spiteful people, but all the relationships destroyed because of their character will take months maybe years to fix.

God forgives the drunkards and the drug addict, but their body will pay the price.

God forgives thieves, but they will have to pay the price of going to jail.

God forgives adultery & unfaithful, but the child that came as a result or the memory of the adultery will always be there – whether the marriage goes on or not.

God forgives your irresponsible expenses. But you’re the one who will have to pay the credit card bill.

God forgives your lie. But perhaps the people you lied to will take a long time to trust you again – if they are able to get over what you did.

I invite you, if you are living in sin, to stop as soon as possible for you own well being. It only makes sense to stop digging deeper when your at the bottom of a hole, RIGHT?

God Bless Your Day!

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Allo Everyone, The Last Time I Posted A Story Like This Was In 2013. Now We Have All Been There, Jumping To Conclusion Is The Spare Of The Moment, But Remember How Stupid Or Guilty You Felt When What You Thought Was The Dealio Wasn’t…

A dog was so faithful that the woman could leave her baby with it and go out to attend other matters. She always returned to find the child soundly asleep with the dog faithfully watching over him. One day something tragic happened.

The woman as usual, left the baby in the “hands” of this faithful dog and went out shopping. When she returned, she discovered rather a nasty scene, there was a total mess. The baby’s cot was dismantled, his nappies and clothes torn to shreds with blood stains all over the bedroom where she left the child and the dog. Shocked, the woman wailed as she began looking for the baby.

All of a sudden, she saw the faithful dog emerging from under the bed. It was covered with blood and licking it’s mouth as if it had just finished a delicious meal.

The woman got angry and assumed that the dog had devoured her baby. Without much thought she beat the dog with a wood to death. But as she continued searching for the”remains” of her child, she beheld another scene.

Close to the bed was the baby who, although lying bare floor, was safe and under the bed where the body of a snake was torn to pieces in what had been a fierce battle between the snake and the dog which was now dead. Then reality dawned on the woman who now began to understand what took place in her absence. The dog fought to protect the baby from the ravenous snake.

It was too late for her now to make amends because, in her impatience and anger, she had killed the faithful dog. How often have we misjudged people and torn them to shreds with harsh words and deeds before we have had time to evaluate the situation?poythress2

Do u suffer with jumping to conclusion and always assuming the worst in situation or people?

Here’s some advice: A little patience can drastically reduce major lifelong mistakes. In that moment of wanting to assume or rush of negative thoughts and emotion, STAY CALM, BREATHE, THINK(positively preferably) and then ACT RATIONALLY.

It will be for your own good, TRUST ME.

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God’s Promise To Tithers & Offering Givers


Hello Reader, I Believe It Is Very Important Not Steal From Anybody, But Can You Believe There Are Many Who Don’t Steal From People Yet Rob God!

“For I am the LORD, I do not change; therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob. Yet from the days of your fathers you have gone away from My ordinances and have not kept them. Return to Me, and I will return to you,” says the Lord of hosts. “But you said, ‘In what way shall we return?’ “Will man rob God? Yet you have robbed Me! But you say, ‘In what way have we robbed You?’ In tithes and offerings. You are cursed with a curse, for you have robbed Me, even this whole nation. Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house, and try Me now in this,” says the LORD of hosts, “If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it.” Malachi 3.6-10 NKJV


So we can see from these bible verses that God doesn’t change, so the children of Israel, even the believers and Christians of nowadays have no right blaming God for their financial difficulty. The reality is that we change and because of this, we lose out on God’s blessing, protection, provision etc… As long as we are faithful to God and serve Him faithfully with quality, out financial life specifically will have quality.

Unfortunately due to the many distraction of this world, back then during the time of the prophet Malachi and even today, many choose to stop following the commandments of God. Every company, every institution and every nation has statutes to keep their standards. And these laws must be respected. Failure to follow them will bring drastic consequences to their offenders. God is no different. There are statutes that have to be kept and those who stray from them will suffer consequences.

God said, “Return to Me, and I will return to you.” & they replied,

“BUT IN WHAT WAY shall I return?” meaning the people believed they were doing everything that needed to be done.

Then God answered this question with: “Will man rob God? Yet you have robbed Me!

“IN WHAT WAY have we robbed You?”

“In tithes and offerings.”

How can a righteous person accept the fact that they are stealing from someone, especially from God? This is why curses were part of their lives. Curses come from disobedience, but our God blesses everyone.


God asks the people to bring their tithes and offerings, and suggests them to try Him. Nowhere else does God invite people to try Him, except when it comes to tithes and offerings.

To those who try Him, He promises to open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings beyond measure. It would be one thing to receive blessings that can be measured, but it’s to receive blessings that are beyond measure, and such is His greatness.

He rebukes the devourer Himself. This is so strong that God Himself says to the devil: “I rebuke you because this person serves Me!”

The rest is pretty self explanatory, those who are part of this holy nation, people that exclusively belong to God, must be considered happy by all. The land of this nation has to be different – a delightful land.

Did you know: John D Rockafeller, Sr was a tither?

Health Wealth Happiness signpost

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