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God Will Forgive But We Will Pay The Consequences!



Good Afternoon Reader =] Today We Shall Comprehend The Power Of Forgiveness…

Have you realized the transparency in the Bible toward all the great men & women of faith human errors? God could have directed the various authors on the Bible to only include the acts of faith that inspires us today to trust in God and make a difference in this world, however, from start to finish, sins and their consequences, which occur in everyone’s life, are exposed.

Look at the example of the courageous and loyal King David, he was consider by God as “a man after God’s own heart”; however, this didn’t mean he was perfect and was always in Spirit. The details of his downfall were not kept from us, so we could learn from his mistakes, without the need to repeat them.

David was more than a conqueror, he lead be example on the battle field, he came up with the idea to build a temple for the ark of covenant to dwell in, he had many victories, he was prosperous, he had several wife (as was OK in those day) and God had already established in his kingdom.


However, when the spring rains had past and the kings went out to war with their troops, he preferred to rest, sending in a replacement. While idly walking around his terrace, he saw and lusted after the wife of his most loyal soldier, Uriah.

There is a fine line between lusting after something and actually executing those thoughts. In my opinion, King David had more than enough time to contemplate what he was going to get himself involved in, I truly believe there is more than enough time to think when faced with temptation and then actually falling into the temptation.

But as we know, David committed adultery with her and, as a result of this relationship, an unwanted pregnancy occurred. To hide his sin from the country, David lied, schemed and ended up killing his lover’s husband.


In those moments, David thought no one would find out, with his authority as King he thought he got away with this scandal but God saw and made him to pay for his unrighteousness. His adultery triggered so many other sins, which caused him terrible problems: Uriah’s life cost him the death of four children, the same penalty that he suggested Nathan apply to the “rich man who stole a sheep from the poor man”.

Misfortune began in David’s life with the death of Bathsheba’s newborn son. Then, just as he betrayed, he suffered betrayal within his family. His son Amnon raped his own sister, Tamar. And when his brother, Absalom, found out, he became enraged and killed him.

Absalom rebels against his father to take the throne. He conspires with such hatred that he was able to turn the people against the king. David was forced to flee from his own son. Besides this, on the same terrace where his sin began, Absalom humiliates his father by having sexual intercourse with his concubines. However, during a battle, he is killed by Joab.

The sword did not depart from David’s house, not even during the last days of his life. Adonijah tried to take advantage of his father’s old age and weakness to try and seize the throne promised to Solomon. Later, however, he is murdered.


So as you can see, David’s repentance brought him God’s forgiveness and erased the eternal consequences of his actions. However, earthly consequences cannot be erased. Having God’s mercy at our disposal does not mean we have the freedom to sin, for we will have to give account of all our sins.

I Hope My Blog Has Inspired & Helped U. God Bless.

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Characteristics Of Excellent Individuals


Allo Mate! We Should All Strive To Be Excellent, Don’t You Agree?

If you want the best, you got to be the best! If you want to be among the top 10, 5 or 2 percent in your profession, class or any thing, you have to embrace certain traits into your daily life. So what are the characteristic of excellent individuals? The characteristic of an excellent person refers to their internal traits and their actions.

To say a few:

  1. They have a reach for the stars mentality.
  2. They love to invest in themselves via reading, researching, practicing new things etc…
  3. They are focused.
  4. They don’t accept to just be good, but the best – and know that the best of today is the good of tomorrow.
  5. They work hard even when no one is around watching. They visualize their success before they happen.
  6. They motivate themselves even when everyone else doubts or has given up.
  7. They know that being guided by the competition is not to lead.
  8. They know that their main opponent is themselves.
  9. They know that their targets are dictated by their own high standards and not by anyone else.

The common trend is that excellent individuals all have a desire to achieve greatness. They believe when everyone else has doubted. A few more traits of an excellent individual are:

  1. They’re well-behaved and disciplined.
  2. They’re unyielding in regards to success.
  3. They hate failure but they learn from it.
  4. They don’t waste time distractions.
  5. They associates with excellent people.
  6. They hate mediocrity.
  7. They are meticulous.
  8. They accept criticism as a method of help.
  9. They ask intelligent questions.

It seems like a lot but once you get into a routine of practicing these traits, what will be the result? Even if you don’t straight away see the fruits of your labour, time will reveal to all that you are an excellent individual.

“The climb is steep. Few reach the top. But the view is marvelous.” Renato Cardoso

Let’s decide to be excellent; your future self won’t regret it. God Bless

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A Story About Giving & Receiving


Hello Reader =] Thanks For Stopping By. It’s A New Month, Why Not Start It Off By Giving/Investing In Something U Always Wanted To i.e. Exercise, Learning An Instrument, Doing Something Special For God & Ur Family…

A king was riding with his army, when he noticed an old man planting a small tree.

He found this very strange, since the tree would take too long to grow and, when it could bear fruit, the old man would no longer be around to eat its fruit.

So the king asked the old gardener why he insisted on such a useless task. To which the man replied:

“I am glad to sow, even if I am not the one to reap. Aren’t we taking advantage today of the trees that were planted many years ago? Sowing is what matters, not reaping.”

The king considered the old man’s actions wise and handed him a bag with many gold coins as a reward for the gardener’s wisdom.

And the old man thanked him and said:

“See how things are? I have barely just planted this tree and I am already reaping valuable fruit.”

Sowing is optional, but reaping is mandatory. Therefore, be careful what you sow.

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith. Galatians 6.10 NKJV

We All Are Taking Advantage Of What Was Sowed Years Ago i.e. Technology, House, Food etc… Let’s Start Sowing More & Thinking About The Future. God Bless. Please Share My Blog With Others =]

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