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How To Know If God Has Forgiven You?


Turbulence? Uneasiness? Anxiety? Anguish? Yes, there is a clear sign, which shows that God has forgiven you, however, it is none of the those stated

Yes, God sends you an undeniable sign that He forgave your sins. But, what is this sign exactly?

The sign is PEACE! Yes, when God forgives you, you have and you are at Peace, but with whom? Firstly, with yourself! It’s as if your conscience becomes calm and your hearts is free, because there is no longer anything left to accuse or imprison you.

Therefore, do not forget that both your life, as well as mine and any other human being, even those who do not believe in God, depend upon Faith. And for us who know the truth, even more! This is the reason we are tempted by the devil, and everything is more difficult for us than for others.


Therefore, the devil and his demons, will try to generate all sorts of problems, raising persecution, injustice, discrimination, bad examples within the Church etc… but that’s not an excuse for us to fall into temptation but rather for us to stand firm!

God allows us to be tempted in order for us to be approved, resisting all temptations so that He may be glorified through your fear and obedience to Him. He does not allow us to be tempted beyond our strength to resist temptation.

Whenever you are troubled, tempted or persecuted, see it as an opportunity to prove to God that your faith has quality. Yes, YOUR FAITH HAS QUALITY! AND FAITH HAS QUALITY WHEN IT IS HUMBLE, OBEDIENT AND SINCERE! In reality, Faith has a twin brother and his name is, without a doubt, OBEDIENCE!

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