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I Invite YOU To A Special Meeting – The Day Of The Decree


“The letters were sent by mounted couriers into all the king’s provinces to cause the destruction, slaughter, and annihilation of all Jews, both young and old, little children and women, in one day, the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, which is the month Adar, and even to plunder their possessions”. Esther 3.13 MEV

The power of a decree holds a lot of weight. In this chapter, we see a decree being made in order to destroy the Jews living in that city.

According to the Oxford dictionary, a decree is an official order that has the force of law. Decrees have the power to make things happen, but they also have the power to bring things to an end.

When a decree is passed, it feels as though an unchangeable sentence has been given. Who can go against it and win?

In this case, Esther turned to God in order for the decree to be overturned, which resulted in a new decree being issued in favour of the Jewish people:

“A copy of the edict being issued as law in each and every province was published to all people, so that the Jews could be ready for this day to avenge themselves on their enemies”. Esther 8.13 MEV

Now, stop for a moment and think. Is there a decree in YOUR life?

3D man near red question mark

When you think about your daily struggles, do you feel as though you have been sentenced to an unchangeable and frustrating decree of debt, sickness and heartache?

Do not despair. The Jews probably felt like all hope was gone, but in a twist of events, the decree that was proclaimed against them was overturned.

We believe that the same can happen to you.

Just as the Jews were given a word from God and were ready to defeat their enemies, on Sunday, 29th January, we will use our faith to fight against the ‘enemies’ in our own lives.

Fill out this slip with the problem that has decreed the suffering in your life and bring it with you on the day.

Event: Day of the Decree
Date: Sunday 29th January
Time: 10am & 7:30am (may be different in other countries)
Location: At your local UCKG HelpCentre

I pray you heard God’s voice and will act upon His guidance, in Jesus name. Don’t hesitate to message me and ask for more info. God Bless

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3 Paramount Steps To Gain Salvation: #2 The New Birth


Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly I say to you, unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3 MEV

How many believers are there in the world who one day accepted the Word of God in their minds, went ahead & made a decision to get baptized, even started the process of conversion and were in the faith for awhile; but today, they are unfortunately apart of the growing statistics of fallen believers, hypocrites, religious fanatics or worse of all, they have left the presence of God doubting if God even exists?

The truth is that for those who end up in this position, 90% of the time, they did not experience the New Birth, they were never Born Again. The new birth is available for anyone and everyone who accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, and wants to live a life following His example and commandments; however, many have neglected this very important step, and have suffered for it.

For whoever would save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. Matthew 16:25

Many have the desire to change, this is great, but this is not enough to cause the new birth to occur; we must kill our old self, our old habits, our old sins and attitudes.

Our part in the new birth = Our persistent, sincere & hard efforts to convert. Killing the old nature, hating the sinful life and separating from what we use to be.

God’s part in the new birth = Making the believer a new being from the inside, after seeing their efforts to be converted. He operates inside of the believer after seeing the zeal to convert, not only with their words, but also in action.


The struggle to convert is long and hard, it doesn’t happen over night; and because of this, many give up half way or when the pressure gets on top of them. Conversion is a process, but during that process, for the believer who doesn’t lose faith, but seek God for the new birth continually, God sees their efforts in putting up a fight against the sins and their flesh, and He comes to help them out by making them a new creation from within.

It’s then when the new birth occurs, and the believer will know that something has happened, they are no longer the same person. The sin no longer has a hold on them, their flesh weakens and their spirit strengthens; there comes a point where sin no longer rules over them.

Truly, truly I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone. But if it dies, it bears much fruit. John 12:24 MEV

When God performs the new birth, what the believer brings from their past is the outward appearance and the good attitudes that God left inside of them but everything else dies. The do not become a better person, but become a NEW person.

I pray you heard God’s voice and will act upon His guidance, in Jesus name.

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3 Paramount Steps To Gain Salvation: #1 Conversion


Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:38 MEV

What does the word ‘convert’ mean? The Google definition is as followed: change the form, character, or function of something. A synonym that I really think sums up the biblical sense of the word convert is the word ‘metamorphose’.

Conversion is not just attending some church services during the week, being a nice person, reading your bible, casting out demons or using your faith to conquer blessings. The disciples of Jesus did all of that, especially Peter and they were still not converted. His actions on the night of Jesus’ arrest proved that he was still an angry and violent man.

Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:3 MEV

Father and son

Many believers thinks they are converted, but the harsh truth is that they are not. To be converted isn’t a label you place on yourself just because you made a prayer in church and felt good afterwards; it’s a conscious decision, it’s a way of living you life from that moment on.

The individual decides when they want to be converted, it’s something exclusively down to them, NOT GOD. Many lazy believers are waiting for God to convert them, but that won’t happen because that’s not His job.

Real conversion involves repentance and making changes to live a life of faith in obedience to God’s word. A paramount part of this is to confess in detail, who you really are, what your struggles are and what’s in your life that is against God’s will; and it’s because of this that most believers fail at the first hurdle.

They overlook true repentance because it is hard to look deep down at themselves and confess that they need help in changing their ways. It’s always easier to make only make slight improvements to their character, and then shy away from the hard and long work of changing the sinful ways and bad habits for good.

Therefore, bear fruit worthy of repentance. Matthew 3:8 MEV

Believer! you shouldn’t ask God to change your heart without first taking actions to change. You need to start repenting your sinful ways, take actions daily and once you run up against difficulties, then ask for God’s help. When a person is truly converted, other people, especially those who are of God, notice the change.

I pray you heard God’s voice and will act upon His guidance, in Jesus name.

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Keep Your Eyes Clean


The eye is the lamp of the body. Therefore when your eye is good, your whole body also is full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness. Take heed therefore lest the light which is in you is darkness. If your whole body, then, is full of light, no part being dark, the whole body will be full of light, as when the shining candle gives you light.” Luke 11:33-36 MEV

This information given to us by the Lord Jesus Himself is powerful. It’s very important for us all to strive to have good eyes. We must avoid having bad eyes, judgmental eyes, proud eyes, prejudice eyes, evil eyes etc…

It’s hard in the world that we live in to always keep our eyes clean and good. Our eyes are constantly under threat through what we see on the internet, TV, on the streets, at work and even in our own household; especially the behavior of our loved ones.

It’s so much easier to just have a pessimistic outlook on people and life but all the more reason why we should strive to remember this information the Lord Jesus has told us, and for us to keep our eyes good.


Having good eyes will benefit us, it will cause our body to attract the things that are good and God will protect us. Don’t be worry about being deceived, God will not allow those who are obeying Him and having good eyes to be put to shame. When we have good eyes, we make ourselves like children, who are pure and holy in God’s eyes. And we already know what God tells us about children.

At that time the disciples came to Jesus, saying, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” Jesus called a little child to Him and set him in their midst, and said, “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore whoever humbles himself like this little child is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever receives one such little child in My name receives Me. Matthew 18:1-5 MEV

I pray you heard God’s voice and will act upon His guidance, in Jesus name.

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