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I’ll Do It Later


Who told you that tomorrow is promised?

“Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. Without having any chief, officer, or ruler, she prepares her bread in summer and gathers her food in harvest.” Proverb 6:6-8

“Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” James 4:14

Which one(s) are you wasting time on instead of transforming your life?

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STOP Blocking Yourself From GOD

Many times after I sinned or fell in my faith I thought to myself:

“God will not forgive you this time”
“God has His limits, its over”
“Don’t even bother trying because God will not accept you supplications”

Have you felt like this before?

In the bible it is written in Hebrews 6:4-6, in short that it is impossible for those who once knew God to renew themselves again to repentance.

This verse sent tingle down my spine, I believed that those who once were in the presence of God but left had no chance of receiving salvation.
Including myself if one day(GOD FORBID BAD THING) I ever left His presence for some reason (IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN JESUS NAME)

If you remember, God in the garden of Eden placed two Cherubim to protect the fruit of eternal life from Adam & Eve, that was because they sinned and didn’t confess their sin to God but hid away & when God asked for an explanation, they started pointing fingers.

This is what the devil makes us do nowadays, spiritually speaking, we put the devil in front of the tree of eternal life (salvation), by not confessing our sins, by beating ourselves up, by believing the thoughts he puts in our minds that we can’t be forgiven, we can’t change and sometimes to just give up on life.

Note – The devil before he became satan was a Cherub in heaven called Lucifer. Ezekiel 28:14

But God revealed to me something amazing.

As long as your alive my friend, this is God showing mercy and giving you another chance to fix up, confess your sins, abandon them and obey Him.
We are mere humans, limited and full of imperfections, if we had friends or family who did wrong as much as we do to God, we would probably cut them off, RIGHT?

But remember that God isn’t like us at all, He is limitless and perfect. He shows compassion, love & mercy to us in sooo many ways if we only took a moment and thought about it.

As long as we are alive, we have another chance to change our ways and live to please God. Its only when your dead, its over, finito, done, no turning back.

It is only impossible for those who truly believe that their sin is soooooo bad, that they beat themselves up and don’t forgive themselves, they get tired of fighting for salvation and become tooooo proud to confess their sin and humble themselves before God.

An example of this is Judas.

BUT If you have just a drop of faith & determination to change, to fight against your feelings, the odds & the devil’s lies; our God will be more then happy to forgive you, help you overcome the obstacles & give you salvation

An example of this is Peter

Always remember this:

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9 NKJV

How can a young person stay pure? By obeying your word. Psalm 119:9 Beth NLT

Please share this to someone you know who believe God won’t give them another chance, let them know its only themselves blocking their chances of returning to God & receiving salvation.

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How To Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety does not get rid of tomorrow’s sadness but it does take away your strength for today, strength which you need to create a solution to stop it. Anxiety makes you live the problem a hundred times before it actually happens. It makes you fear something that only exists within your imagination.

Due to anxiety some become paralyzed and others become precipitated. They don’t take an attitude or they hurry and provoke a disaster.
Thankfully there is an antidote to it.
The opposite of anxiety is being calm, tranquility with a good dose of trust and assurance of positive results. It is summed up by one word: faith.
Faith in what or who?
In someone who can guarantee a positive result. Jesus once taught about anxiety and said in order to overcome it you have to stop and think. Look at a field or forest and ask yourself: Who nourishes the animals and birds which live there? Who made those beautiful plants, flowers, and butterflies to the tiniest of detail? Who is their gardener, or the one who throws food to them?
What we can conclude is that Someone greater than a human, with infinitely more power, takes care of all of this.
And the good news is that this Someone is our Father. And what father doesn’t know what His son needs? What mother hasn’t sacrificed something of hers for her child? Could it be that this Father that takes care of the plants and animals so well will not take care of his children?
This is the basis of faith which nulls and overcomes anxiety of the heart.
If you are anxious in regards to your love life, finances, or profession; if something happens it makes you scared; insecurity and fear that the worst can happen to you…
Stop. Think. Take your mind to God. Talk to him about your fears. Tell him about your fears. Tell him what worries you. And then be quiet. Hear in your most intimate a calm confirmation that He will take care of you.

Then breathe deeply and rest.

He doesn’t usually fail.
Bishop Renato Cardosa
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How To Fill The Void

Common to all humans, of any race, culture, nationality, social rank or gender is a deep emotion that something is missing. As soon as the brief happiness of childhood, which many never even experience, a permanent dissatisfaction gets lodged inside of each person.

Of course few talk about it because society tends to judge and isolate people who don’t seem “happy.” Most try to solve the problem by trying to fill the void with something that will at least give them temporary satisfaction. This “something” can be alcohol, music, art, charity, drugs, religion, work, a relationship, studying, a game, fame, money, sports, sex, shopping – something that serves as a top to close the soda bottle after it’s been opened. It won’t fix things, but it will hold the gas for a while.


For some time. It’s clear that nothing can fill this void permanently. That’s why people incessantly search for a larger amount and greater variety of experiences in life.

If they would only put all their effort into seeking the true solution: an encounter with the Spirit of God. The only thing that can fill the void. The final solution.

Many ask us: “But what do I do to find God? How can I have peace and joy like you have?

Finding God is one of the easiest and at the same time hardest things that any person can do. That’s why, as he explained:

And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

Stop and think with me for a minute and answer this question: what do you want most in life at the moment?


Your husband back? Your son to be as you want? Enough money to get out of financial problems? To win a cause in court? A bit of peace? A cure to your sickness? A love that up to now has had no interest in you? Success and fame?

Think about the answer really well. Identify the one thing that will make you truly happy, something that you want a lot and have made an effort to have it. I’m not talking about a dream or fantasy.  It’s something that you really want and have sought with attitudes.

When you identify this thing, you will understand what’s necessary to find God: to want Him and seek Him above this thing.

When God becomes the most important thing in your life, above all other things and important people, then you will be ready to find Him.

It’s like the beautiful story of the disciple and the wise man.

A disciple climbed a mountain that stood before the sea to where a wise man lived at the top. The disciple asked: “Teacher, what should I do to obtain wisdom?” Without a word, the wise man got up and went to the door signaling him to come with him.

They went down the mountain in silence, the disciple preparing himself to hear and learn the secret of wisdom. They reached a beach and kept walking in direction to the water. Getting into the water, it came to their feet, then ankles, then knees. The disciple hesitated, but the wise man insisted. Waist deep, all the sudden the wise man knocks down the disciple and holds his head under water, without giving him a chance to get up. The disciple becomes alarmed and tries to escape the wise man’s grasp, kicks, drinks sea water – but the wise man holds him firmly.

When the disciple was almost dead, the wise man let go. The man got up with violence, breathing and choking, he would spit salt water and couldn’t hide his anger: “Are you trying to kill me?”

The wise man answered: “The day that you search for wisdom as you did for air you will find it.” He then went back in direction of the mountain, as the disciple stood in the water breathless and bewildered. Yet he had an answer to what he had come searching for.

So simple. So hard.

Renato Cardoso

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Picture this….

Your walking down the road, Its a nice sunny day in London(which hardly ever happens) & you want to savor the occasion. The week before you got paid from work, or Student loan dropped and you bought new trainers or for the ladies new shoes.

Your galovanting down the street showing off the Colgate white air forces or shoes, then something terrible happens….. YOUR TRAINER/SHOES TOOK A SWIM IN DOG POO =(

U know when its so bad that the poo starts to squeeze out from the sides.What is the first thing you would do?

Besides scream, stare at it or not lol or start cursing the person who allow their dog to poo there and didn’t clean it up, i’m pretty sure most of us would run to the nearest public toilet, water fountain, go to the shop to buy water or go home to clean it off.

I say most of us because you got so people who  will not notice and then jump on the bus and stink the whole place up, then try say that the person next to them stinks.

Its just common sense to clean it off ASAP, Yes or No? It automatically becomes your first priority to clean it off, Because if you don’t it will stink, you won’t feel comfortable with yourself and everyone will be whispering about you.

So why ain’t Christians nowadays this alert to “clean themselves off” after they sin?

Usually they either: Ignore it – this will just make it worse as it will still be on your mind accusing you, you won’t feel comfortable at all. Make an excuse – Justify why they did it with a lie that they convinced themselves is true. Proud of it – They boast about it and don’t care if anyone knows what they did.

Clean yourself up daily by acknowledging & confessing your sins ASAP and bearing fruits of true repentance.
“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

That’s All For Now…

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Trying To Convince Those Who Don’t Believe

If you live your life trying to prove to those who don’t believe that they’re wrong, you will be committing two mistakes. First of all, you’ll be wasting your time.

Understand that it’s not your job to convince those who don’t believe. Whether a person believes or not is a choice which reveals what’s inside of each individual. That’s why malicious, scared, dishonest, pessimistic, perverse people, and people who carry other negative adjectives usually don’t believe. While sincere, optimistic, people prone to good, integral people usually do. Notice this. To believe or not is fruit of what’s inside of you.

That’s why it would be in vain for you to try and change the opinion of someone who’s attached to their own opinion rather than seeing reason. There are people who need to criticize to feel better about their negative feelings. It’s as if criticizing validates their negative way of being.

The second mistake, (when you’re worried about those who don’t believe) you stop doing your best work for those who believe. The ones who believe deserve your attention. They are the ones who support, applaud, cheer and recognize the value of your work. They are the ones who ask for more. Honor them.

Instead of keeping a list in your heart of those who attacked, criticized, despised, ridiculed and laughed at you, remember your fans, those who root you on.

The worst feeling is not hate but indifference. When you’re creating something important, which touches lives, which dares to step out of the ordinary, you will be hated by some; attacked by others. Don’t worry about this. Worry, if you cause no reaction one way or the other – because this means you’re provoking nothing with nothing.

Those who appreciate and love your work are your best advocates. Your life transformation is hope, for those who don’t believe.

Renato Cardoso

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