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Trying To Convince Those Who Don’t Believe

If you live your life trying to prove to those who don’t believe that they’re wrong, you will be committing two mistakes. First of all, you’ll be wasting your time.

Understand that it’s not your job to convince those who don’t believe. Whether a person believes or not is a choice which reveals what’s inside of each individual. That’s why malicious, scared, dishonest, pessimistic, perverse people, and people who carry other negative adjectives usually don’t believe. While sincere, optimistic, people prone to good, integral people usually do. Notice this. To believe or not is fruit of what’s inside of you.

That’s why it would be in vain for you to try and change the opinion of someone who’s attached to their own opinion rather than seeing reason. There are people who need to criticize to feel better about their negative feelings. It’s as if criticizing validates their negative way of being.

The second mistake, (when you’re worried about those who don’t believe) you stop doing your best work for those who believe. The ones who believe deserve your attention. They are the ones who support, applaud, cheer and recognize the value of your work. They are the ones who ask for more. Honor them.

Instead of keeping a list in your heart of those who attacked, criticized, despised, ridiculed and laughed at you, remember your fans, those who root you on.

The worst feeling is not hate but indifference. When you’re creating something important, which touches lives, which dares to step out of the ordinary, you will be hated by some; attacked by others. Don’t worry about this. Worry, if you cause no reaction one way or the other – because this means you’re provoking nothing with nothing.

Those who appreciate and love your work are your best advocates. Your life transformation is hope, for those who don’t believe.

Renato Cardoso

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