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How To Prove That God Isn’t Dead


Allo Mate, How U Doin? It’s the 1st of the last month of the year. Time has definetly flown by. It’s Also The Month Of My Birth =D

I Watched A Great Film Yesterday Called: God’s Not Dead. If U Ain’t Watched It Yet, Watch It! And encourage those that are atheist to have a look as well. I’m sure they will enjoy it as it ain’t really cheesy like a few Christian films already out there lol that’s just my opinion.

Without revealing too much, three key scenes stood out for me, one of the question asked to a journalist who didn’t believe in God was this: “What do you put your hope in?”

This reminded me that we all choose to hope in something, whether that be a single God, gods, no gods, animals, aliens etc… and we should all respect each others choice of hope.

I personally was thinking while watching it that I would have chosen a different way to prove that God isn’t dead. I would testified of how my life was and how it has been since I received the Holy Spirit, and then I would demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer as Jesus and the apostle did in the past.

If you didn’t know, the baptism with the Holy Spirit has a main objective which is to enable the disciples of now and the future to be living witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ on Earth.

Those who sought and received the baptism with the Holy Spirit are chosen by God to bear witness of the resurrection of His Son Jesus.

But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. Acts 1.8 NKJV

So how does a person bear witness of God & His son who was born, lived, died, resurrected and ascended to Heaven 2,000 years ago?

By receiving the same Spirit He received from God, by using it’s power to be a blessing & by using it’s power to bless others, just like Jesus did.

Now, Go watch the film.


Tella Fren About My Blog =D Thanks

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