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Religious Faith vs Intelligent Faith


“Religious faith falls before necessities, INTELLIGENT FAITH stands in the midst of difficulties.”

Acceptance, prostration, conformism and even negativity, these are the position that millions of people have put themselves in before the problems they face in their lives. What’s the most striking thing is that these same millions, apart from the problems, claim to have a religion, a supposed faith in which they base themselves on.

So, what’s the difference between those who have faith and those who say they do not believe in anything at all? Actually the real question is not this, the question should be: What is the difference between religious faith and intelligent faith?

The difference is this: one prostrates us and the other lifts us up.

One makes us conformed while the other revolts us.

One makes us accept and on the other hand the other makes us claim what is ours to have.

One makes us skeptical and the other makes us BELIEVE.

Now think with me for just a moment, which of these two faiths would you feel truly accomplished or fulfilled with?

Bishop Julio Freitas – Check out his blog:

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