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Dreams, Faith & Imagination


When Abraham complained to God, saying: “Eternal and Sovereign Lord, what can You give me, seeing that I go childless?” immediately God removed him from the tent and told him to look toward heaven and count the stars.

Abraham reacted immediately. He had faith in God. He proved this by being obedient for nearly 25 years. He believed in His infinite power.

He had trouble seeing the invisible and believing in the impossible. But, after having this vision, “the coin dropped” and he realized the Greatness of the Almighty Lord. In other words, Abraham believed in God, but he couldn’t imagine the extent of His Power to Create, His Greatness.

You cannot separate faith from imagination. Those who believe need to imagine what they want to achieve. 


By faith, many poor people have conquered a life of wealth. Though, this does not happen in everyone’s life. Why is this? Because some people are brought up subject to a life of poverty. Twenty, thirty, fifty years of living in poverty, has caused these people to put a limit on themselves and God, because they think it’s a sin to have an abundant life.

On the other hand, those who once had the best of this Earth and fell from grace, losing everything, including their dignity and come to know God’s Promises, immediately put their faith into practice through sacrifice and redeem everything they lost, and much more. This happens because they once had access to riches. This is, even in poverty, they kept their dream of an abundant life. This visualization is what makes a difference.

Abraham must have seen those same stars numerous times, but he never imagined that his descendants would be as innumerable as them.

In other words, it is not enough to just believe in God Almighty. You need to imagine Him doing impossible and powerful things in your life.

The LORD of hosts has sworn, saying, “Surely, as I have thought, so it shall come to pass, and as I have purposed, so it shall stand”. Isaiah 14.24 NKJV

As I have thought; this is, how I imagined, so it will HAPPEN; As I have purposed; this is, how I believed (faith), so it will BE REALIZED.

To materialize our faith, we have to imagine what we want. Never stop dreaming.

God Bless


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