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What’s A CLEAN Conscience?

This command I commit to you, my son Timothy, according to the prophecies that were previously given to you, that by them you might fight a good fight, keeping faith and a good conscience, which some have rejected and suffered shipwreck in regard to their faith. 1 Timothy 1:18-19 MEV

Our conscience is the deepest expression of our soul. It enables us to distinguish between good and evil and approve or disapprove our behaviour and attitude; creating a sense of responsibility within us. A Christian conscience is the consequence of a life in the presence of God; this is what builds character.

Our conscience is like a thermometer that measures our level of spirituality.

What makes my consequences unclean and what are the consequences? Sin is the only source to an unclean conscience. It weighs our spirit down, as it is stained & our soul wants to be clean (Psalm 32:4).

When our conscience is stained like this, it produces doubts; which causes our faith to become faulty and ineffective. It’s useless to pray, quote Scripture or demand from God at this point.

How can I clean my conscience and keep it clean?

The key to a clean conscience is to confess the sin (no watering down) as it is (Psalm 32:3-6 & I John 1:9). However, don’t just confess them and keep then doing wrong, thinking because you confessed God will forgive you. There may be people who were hurt by that sin or sins, who also need to hear the sinner confess his sin. If this isn’t done, the person will be forgiven by God but not the person who was a victim of the sin.

The way back to a clean conscience is rough & extremely difficult; that why only few reach it. The majority try to find alternative routes but these never work because the devil knows they are not sincere & anxiously want their downfall.

If I want to keep my conscience clean, I must be at peace with God and with others, especially those who share the same faith.

NEVER ALLOW SIN TO ACCUMULATE, rather IMMEDIATELY CONFESS them, because when we do, we remove all stains, dirt and impurities from our heart. Refuse to do this, and your heart will remain dirty and will only get worse.

How can someone in sin appear blessed?

God will always honor His Word & reputation, therefore He will allow miracles to happen when the person uses their faith. However, this doesn’t stop the person’s faith to grow cold from day to day, having rejected a good conscience, they will end up wrecking their faith.

Anyone who thinks their works for God justifies their sinful behaviour is deceiving themselves, and worse of all, mocking God. Sooner or later, the sin will be revealed and the shame of that person will be disastrous.

Get rid of hidden sin so you can serve the Holy Spirit with a clean conscience. By doing this, we avoid quenching the Holy Spirit. Fill the heart of the Lord with Joy & Happiness & step on satan with authority and faith.

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