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Sin & It’s Consequences

For the wages of sin is death… Romans 6:23 MEV

Sin is disobedience – voluntary & involuntary – to the Word of God. We become servants of him whose voice we obey.

Sinner like to justify their sinful acts, usually by saying it was unconsciously done, but this shows an irresponsible and unrepentant attitude. There’s no involuntary sin, every act a person does involves a person’s will & intentions.

We will never be tempted with something we cannot overcome (I Corinthians 10:13). Sin is subtly, and especially nowadays blatantly presented to us all by the devil. If we happen to fall into the temptation, we have the choice to either justify/ignore or repent; but the reality is that if we don’t repent, the seed of sin will grow and bear fruits in our character sooner or later.

Some people sin out of curiosity. We must watch out for the lust of our eyes, covetousness and greed.

Every sin starts in the mind through images, evil words or evil suggestions. We need to be responsible and mature to rebuke them before it reaches our heart, as it’s easier to overcome; however, if we entertain it, it’s much more harder to uproot, though not impossible. In that case I need to confess it to Jesus and ask Him to remove it from my mind.

I pray you don’t just receive this knowledge but you put it into practice. God Bless!

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