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How To Be A Blessed Person


Hello Reader =D I Bet Your Wonder What Amazing Advice I Have For U To Become A Blessed Person, Init? Well, Read On…

I was meditating on the book of Psalms, and while going through Psalm 1 and 2, so clearly, so plainly and blatantly, we are taught how to be a blessed person.

In Psalms 1, verse 1 tells us the first attribute of a blessed person, which is:

  • A blessed person does not take advice & keep counsel (or in modern terms, mingle and indulge) with those who consciously live in sin.

Now, before the super righteous start to criticize and say, “but Jesus was amongst sinners”, yes this is very true and as a Christian it is our duty to be amongst sinners to preach the Gospel, but of course, the Lord Jesus did not get involved with the sinful act they were doing.


Verse 2 give us the next point on how to be a blessed person:

  • A blessed person meditates on the Word of God (the Bible) day and night.

Everyday, we have to read, and in this day and age, people spend a lot of time read up on their social media outlets, gossip, news sports etc… However, how many Christians and even believers are guilty of not meditating on their Bible daily? I will put my hand up and even say that I have been guilty of this.

Reading about sports, people’s statuses and tweets were more of a priority to me in the past and is to many people nowadays. By not prioritizing the Word of God, we are excluding ourselves from being blessed people, because the more you know the Word of God, the more you’ll know and understand God, also you’ll be more equip to overcome the devil, problems, setbacks, temptations and injustices daily.


And finally, Psalm 2, verse 12 tells us that:

  • A blessed person is the one who trusts in God

Easier said than done of course, but if you ask anyone who has seen God’s power in their life, and experience the impossible, they will all tell you that they had to put trust in God for them to receive their answer, especially when trails, persecutions and tribulations came.


And there you have it, now will you decide to be a blessed person or ignore the direction?

I Hope Not. God Bless

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