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The Holy Spirit Doesn’t Come Upon A Person By Chance!


Hello Everybody! Here’s A Quick Lesson On The Holy Spirit…

Why haven’t I received the Holy Spirit yet? Well, if you are asking this question, at least you have taken a step towards being baptized: you have heard of Him and want to receive Him. However, you can be sure of one thing: He will not come upon you by chance.

The Word of God says:

“For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him…” 2 Chronicles 16:9 NKJV

His eyes run to and fro throughout the whole earth. But what is He looking for? What does He need to find in you to seal you with His presence?

Imagine you are a successful businessman that wants to expand his business, but, to achieve this, it is necessary to hire (or promote) people for the position of administrator, manager, etc. If the value of their salary is not a problem, what would be the main characteristics to look for in these people? Besides, of course, the professional experience required for the job, you would certainly look for someone that was determined to help your business grow. In order to do this, the person would need to be confident enough to lead others, but at the same time, HUMBLE enough to learn.


You would want him to share his opinions and bring new ideas to the table, but it would also be necessary for him to be OBEDIENT to follow your instructions.

The investment would be great, but you don’t want someone who is only going to work with you for a few months and then look for a new job. So you look for someone that is FAITHFUL and willing to be by your side in times of glory, as well as times of trouble.

Your vision for the future doesn’t stop there. You want to continue expanding your business and, therefore, other administrators and managers will be needed in the future, so you have to look for people who are not selfish, and are ready to TEACH OTHERS by sharing what they have received from you.

To sum it up, you are looking for people that are HUMBLE, OBEDIENT, FAITHFUL, and ready to TEACH OTHERS.

And isn’t this what God is also trying to find in people so that He can fill them with the Holy Spirit?


He wants people that are humble to learn and obedient to practice His Word. People that are faithful to Him, especially during hard times and temptation, so that they can finish the race, keeping the faith. And of course, people that are ready to share with others what He has given them and, by doing so, His Kingdom can expand.

Therefore, if you are not humble, start being humble. If you are disobedient, start to obey. If you have not been faithful, then start choosing to be. If you are selfish, start sharing – all of these things are choices you make, and the Holy Spirit will help you.

While you seek the baptism from God, don’t expect the Holy Spirit to “magically” come upon you. PROVOKE your baptism with the Holy Spirit by making the eyes of the Lord see these characteristics in you.

And don’t forget: He wants to come upon you much more than you want Him to come upon you.

God bless you.

Bishop Edir Macedo

Check out his official blog:

I believed this has helped. It definetly helped me. Now go and seek your baptism. God Bless

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