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The Two Types Of Perfection In This World

Allo Mate! Hopefully, through this post, sincere Christians or believers will be helped greatly. Through this post, God wants to appeal to your mind & your intelligence.

There are two kinds of perfection in this world; satan’s perfection and God’s perfection.

I believe that satan’s perfection is associated predominantly with a person’s ego, their heart. On the other hand, God’s perfection is associated with a person’s intelligence, their mind.

This world (especially as we are in the end times according to the prophecies in the Bible) is heavily influenced by satan; therefore have a look at what the world promotes as perfection: They glorify people who “seem” to make no mistakes, who don’t need to ask help, who seem to “always” be right and who portray a “flawless” character & lifestyle.

Many sincere Christians & believers, when they come to the Lord Jesus, end up getting shipwrecked and fustrated in their walk with God because they come to Him, subconsciously believing that to please and have a successful relationship with Him, they must live by the same standard of the world.
Not realising that God has His own standard of perfection. One that isn’t so unrealistic, deceitful and emotional.

We are all naturally prone to desire what is wrong, in God’s eyes. Those who live by satan’s standard of perfection have been MISLEAD, and through their actions, they are insinuating that they don’t have a sinful nature & therefore are not prone to fall victims of it. They are too busy covering up, skilfully, there imperfect nature, flaws and struggles and in the process, becoming proud.

But what happens when there imperfections get exposed to the masses? They end up either lying to themselves as their pride wouldn’t allow them to humble themselves or they end up in a state of deep anguish, considering themselves failures, remaining in their imperfection and sometimes even contemplating giving up on life, as “they are no longer perfect”.

What a ridiculous and unintelligent standard to try and live by!

On the other hand, the intelligent Christian & believer comes to God and realises that God has His own standard of perfection, which is called Righteousness.

God’s perfection entail the understanding that He knows we are naturally prone to desire what is wrong, therefore instead of trying to act like we are above our natural being (believing we are superhumans), He wants us to understand our sinful nature but rise above it and deny obeying it to please Him and protect ourselves.

What does this mean? Don’t be naive and childish to attempt to have a success relationship with God, living by satan’s standard of perfection (this is not intelligent), otherwise you will get very fustrated & give up sooner or later. Accept God’s standard of perfection – Righteousness – that understands your natural sinful nature but encourages you to rise above it.

Plus God has given us the ultimate tool to truly live by His standard of perfection, the Holy Spirit. It’s a Promise to you sincere believer. Take possession of it, as it’s your right! And in the world we live in, it’s not optional, it essential, like the air we breathe.


Friend, remember, the moment Adam & Eve disobeyed God, their flesh and every human beings flesh, inherited a sinful nature. If you don’t want to remember, God does.

God Bless

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