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Trusting Someone With That “Thing”


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In This Post, I Refer To The Word “Thing” A Lot. The “Thing” Is Whatever U Make It Out To Be, Whether It’s Something Valuable Or Not…

Humanly speaking, when we place a “Thing” into someone’s hands, we give them rule over it; we turnover our exclusive and total authority. Correct?

This means the person we give it to, either forever or for a period of time, become the sole controller/authority over that “Thing”, and how they handle that “Thing”. Yes or No?

The original owner now loses their exclusive authority over the handling of that “Thing”, which means they are now suppose to let the new owner/authority handle the “Thing” as they please, and trust that they will take care of the “Thing” properly.


Do you see yourself worried or anxious? This is normal, within reason, as we will all naturally think our handling of the “Thing” is the best and any other way is risky. However, if your constantly feeling like this, this shows that you don’t really trust that person with that “Thing”, and their ability to handle the “Thing” accordingly.

If that’s the case, why give that “Thing” over to them in the first place? You could save yourself the hassle and stress if you kept it in your hands. If you see yourself constantly having to tell them what to do, it means that either they are not ready and mature enough to handle the “Thing” or your not ready to trust them with that “Thing”.

You shouldn’t give an important “Thing” to someone you didn’t trust could handle it! This is rare sense.

Handing over keys on blue sky

But the truth is, in most cases, your giving that “Thing” over because you have seen somehow that that person can handle your “Thing” and get the job done, so let them be! Once you have given it over, use your reason and remind yourself of this, stop being emotional by still trying to control the “Thing” once you’ve given it over.

Especially if the being your handing over that “Thing” to is GOD.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding…” Proverbs 3:5 NKJV

This Is What God Revealed To Me Recently. It’s Easier Said Than Done, I Know! But It’s The Intelligent Thing To Do. May God Give U Strength To Trust Him.

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