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Overly Zealous & Immature Christians


Something I Have Been Recently Thinking About…

God has not called me to force people to change; neither has He called me to be judgmental in my mannerisms around those who are not obeying His Word. It is very easy to get caught up in the work of God, and believe that we can change people via nagging, rebukes, constant phone calls & texts, indirects, forcing them to do certain things and the list goes on.

The soul winner’s intentions are good, they want the person to be saved and serve God. However, in this act of immaturity, even with matured Christians, we can cause souls to not only resist the advice given, look at the person with bad eyes, but they may also decide to not give God a chance at all. Those who are immature or over zealous end up doing the work of the devil and not realising.

The devil will end up throwing thoughts in the person’s mind like:

  1. Is it by force that I must come to church?
  2. I feel judged by this person’s mannerisms towards me, doesn’t God say we should not judge?
  3. I feel like I’m being controlled!
  4. Didn’t God give me free will? So why do I feel that this person is trying to control me & my personal relationship with God?

And the list goes on…


Do you know what I believe? I think man forget that we are suppose to be God’s Instrument of Influence/Support and not the instrument of transformation/change. The bottom line is that there are only two being that can transform a person’s life, God and Themselves!

Don’t get it twisted, you cannot change anyone. You can even force it but those changes will not last. As a true Christian, we need to know, embrace and respect our role. God wants to use us to:

  1. Introduce Him to a soul
  2. Show & Gorify Him through our life
  3. Talk the truth about Him & what He has to offer
  4. Give the person the opportunities to know Him for themselves.

At no point does it say force Him to them or actually transform the person by our strength! That, in my opinion, is the work of the devil, not God. God gave us all free will, who are we to force and impose God’s will on anyone?

So it’s vital we remember our roles as evangelist, as an instrument of influence and not an instrument of change.


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