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Fasting – Feeding Your Authority


God Really Wants Us As Man To Assume Our Rightful Position In The Authority Pyramid, However, If We Neglect This Authority, Guess Who Will Use It?

Why does our flesh and satan hate it when we decide to fast? This is because in the moments of fasting, we are starving our flesh and causing it to lose it’s spiritual dominance over us. We are off auto pilot, which is feeding our physical desires and now feeding and strengthen the Spirit and Soul that God gave us. 

Furthermore we are feeding and strengthen our God given spiritual authority, which satan and our flesh hates. 

I personally use to dislike fasting. I simply saw it as a kill joy and tedious. I would wonder why as a Christian, we needed to do such a tedious & boring thing. Then I started thinking about the numerous examples in the bible, of people who fasted and saw the manifestation of God in their lives.

Fasting’s spiritual significant in man’s life is crucial to assuming our authority and closeness to God. When a person neglects fasting, they are in turn, telling satan, “you can take my authority, I don’t care for it much, you can rule over me.”

As the Lord Jesus said, we are the salt of the earth (Matt 5:13) but when we don’t invest in fasting, we lose our flavour, influence, authority and become in the spiritual sense, vulnerable, helpless & useless. 

When A Person Decides To Fast, They Are Choosing To Feed & Strengthen The Spirit & Soul God Gave To Them (Genesis 2:7). May God Give U A Deeper Understanding In Jesus Name, Amen.



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