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Observe & Imitate Successful People

observe and record

Hello Reader, Meditate On This Message…

You are and will always be surrounded by people. Whether or not they’re close to you, each of them represents a learning opportunity for you. It’s amazing to see how most people don’t understand a thing about people. They spend their whole life hurting others, ruining relationships, making the same mistakes and basically not improving as individuals. They’re lousy observers.

We can learn something from every kind of person, but incredibly, there’s a tendency to only look at those who are at our same level. Perhaps, it’s because they’re the ones who least challenge us to be and do better. However, the biggest opportunities lie in those who are either worse or better off than we are. Looking at those who are worse off than we are can challenge us to help them, whereas looking at those who are better off may challenge us to help ourselves. Do you see now why we prefer to look at those who are at our same level?

Don’t be afraid to look at people who are in a better situation than you.

Instead of being jealous, getting angry or feeling indifferent towards successful people, study them. Observe how they make decisions, their habits and actions, their approach to problems and how they deal with challenges. Try to find out what they’ve been through in order to be where they are. You’ll soon see that not everyone who seems to be successful really is; and that not all of them deserve what they have. Disregard these ones.

But set your eyes on the real warriors who fought and went through hell to become the great examples they are today. Learn from them. Imitate them.

In the future, you’ll be one of them.

Bishop Renato Cardoso – Check out his official blog for more:

I Hope U Paid Attention To What he Said, Apply It ASAP. God Bless =]

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