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Comprehension & Wisdom




Allo Mate! Hope Ur Enjoying Ur Summer. This Post Is Going To Make U Question Whether Or Not U Are Wise…

Every human being has been given, by God, the capacity to comprehend. We can comprehend our Mum, Dad, Siblings, Animals, Various things features, Food, Smells, Tastes, Their Talents etc… but few actually chose to be wise with what they can comprehend, especially when it come to their talents.

Every human has at least one talent, the ability to comprehend tell us this, but unfortunately not every chooses to be wise, invest in their talents and live a fulfilled life. There’s various reason for this i.e. fear, doubts, laziness, the stresses of life etc… but in neglecting their God given talents, they are proving that they are not wise.

Let’s relate this to Christians and believers, anyone who reads the bible with a genuine desire in their mind to comprehend it, will indeed receive what they desire, but if they read it and don’t put it into practice, he/she is not being wise.

Why have an understanding in a matter but not be wise in taking action?


No ask yourself this, have I been wise?

God Bless =] Enjoy Ur Day

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