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God Will Forgive But We Will Pay The Consequences!



Good Afternoon Reader =] Today We Shall Comprehend The Power Of Forgiveness…

Have you realized the transparency in the Bible toward all the great men & women of faith human errors? God could have directed the various authors on the Bible to only include the acts of faith that inspires us today to trust in God and make a difference in this world, however, from start to finish, sins and their consequences, which occur in everyone’s life, are exposed.

Look at the example of the courageous and loyal King David, he was consider by God as “a man after God’s own heart”; however, this didn’t mean he was perfect and was always in Spirit. The details of his downfall were not kept from us, so we could learn from his mistakes, without the need to repeat them.

David was more than a conqueror, he lead be example on the battle field, he came up with the idea to build a temple for the ark of covenant to dwell in, he had many victories, he was prosperous, he had several wife (as was OK in those day) and God had already established in his kingdom.


However, when the spring rains had past and the kings went out to war with their troops, he preferred to rest, sending in a replacement. While idly walking around his terrace, he saw and lusted after the wife of his most loyal soldier, Uriah.

There is a fine line between lusting after something and actually executing those thoughts. In my opinion, King David had more than enough time to contemplate what he was going to get himself involved in, I truly believe there is more than enough time to think when faced with temptation and then actually falling into the temptation.

But as we know, David committed adultery with her and, as a result of this relationship, an unwanted pregnancy occurred. To hide his sin from the country, David lied, schemed and ended up killing his lover’s husband.


In those moments, David thought no one would find out, with his authority as King he thought he got away with this scandal but God saw and made him to pay for his unrighteousness. His adultery triggered so many other sins, which caused him terrible problems: Uriah’s life cost him the death of four children, the same penalty that he suggested Nathan apply to the “rich man who stole a sheep from the poor man”.

Misfortune began in David’s life with the death of Bathsheba’s newborn son. Then, just as he betrayed, he suffered betrayal within his family. His son Amnon raped his own sister, Tamar. And when his brother, Absalom, found out, he became enraged and killed him.

Absalom rebels against his father to take the throne. He conspires with such hatred that he was able to turn the people against the king. David was forced to flee from his own son. Besides this, on the same terrace where his sin began, Absalom humiliates his father by having sexual intercourse with his concubines. However, during a battle, he is killed by Joab.

The sword did not depart from David’s house, not even during the last days of his life. Adonijah tried to take advantage of his father’s old age and weakness to try and seize the throne promised to Solomon. Later, however, he is murdered.


So as you can see, David’s repentance brought him God’s forgiveness and erased the eternal consequences of his actions. However, earthly consequences cannot be erased. Having God’s mercy at our disposal does not mean we have the freedom to sin, for we will have to give account of all our sins.

I Hope My Blog Has Inspired & Helped U. God Bless.

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