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Pillar Of Salt


Hello Reader, Your Welcome To My Blog =] The Moral Of This Story Is: Don’t Look Back, Your Not Going That Way…

Lot, his wife and his two daughters were warned to leave quickly from Sodom. The angel of God warned them not to look back. Lot and his daughters obeyed, but Lot’s wife did not. Driven by curiosity and the lack of fear for the word of the angel of God, she looked back.

Her disobedience cost her life: she became a pillar of salt.

Why did she insist on disobeying the Word of the Lord? Because she did not believe in punishment. She thought that because she was Lot’s wife, the nephew of God’s friend, and the mother of his daughters, nothing would happen to her. For the sake of truth, most evangelical believers find themselves in the same situation. They believe in God’s love, compassion, mercy and consideration, but do not believe in His Justice. They think the Lord will soften the rigor of His Word regarding their disobedience. This was also how Lot’s wife thought.


Those who are rebellious forget that disobedience is clear evidence of the lack of faith in the Word. Therefore, they are true pillars of salt inside and outside the church. If it is impossible to please God without faith, how do they think they’ll inherit the Kingdom of Heaven? Abraham was not God’s friend because he built altars and sacrificed, but because he obeyed Him.

By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called… Hebrews 11.8

Jesus encourages us to remember Lot’s wife not only to warn us not to look back, but also not to rely on someone else to get into Heaven; having a good relationship with one of God’s loved ones will not influence Him to deliver us from death when we insist on being disobedient. The friends of the world disobey God to please the world; the enemies of the world turn away from it to obey the Eternal. This is why, “in that night of the coming of the Son of Man one will be taken and the other left.”

Bishop Edir Macedo

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