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The devil & his demons


Wassssssuuuupppp! Listen This Blog Post Is Raw 2 Da Core. Believe It Or Not, satan Is Real & So Are demons…

The devil and his demons are fallen angels, who due to bitterness, anger & shame of them being cast out of heaven seek to torment and afflict God’s creation, human beings.

They attack us by using various tools of evil: diseases, poverty, injustices, selfishness, pride, temptation, anger, unfaithfulness, unhappiness etc… Human beings are the main target of the the devil and his demons, because we were created in the image and likeness of God.

Lead by hate, jealousy, envy and anger, satan and his unclean spirit crave to get hold of the man and influence us, so that they can achieve two main objectives: to push us as far away from God as possible and possess the human body to be able to express themselves in the physical world.


The Bible describes satan as the leader of the demons. He was a expelled angel from heaven, created by God for a noble mission, and was anointed as “cherub”, being the head of the other angels and having access to God’s presence. He was so beautiful that was called Lucifer, which means full of light.

Was covered with precious stones. In the glow of the stones, let the shadow of their shining; beauty and wisdom made him perfect. However, one day iniquity was found in him. Pride rose up in his heart and longed to be like God; wanted to take the position of the Creator – his Creator – and take His place. For this, had no difficulty in finding a following among the other angels (sheep, weak minded, followers).

They fought a battle that was lost from the beginning, so Lucifer and rebellious angels were all banished forever from God. This is when all sense of kindness, love, peace and kindness that was in them naturally, was pushed aside to make room for hatred, anger, bitterness, pride and evil. Today, they are seeking to destroy all that is of God and use the bodies of human beings to carry out their evil intentions.


They can enter all people who are without Jesus. They make that person body their house. They will take pleasure in causing suffering in the life of they possessed and even more pleasure in using that person to destroy other people’s lives. Addictions, lies, unfaithfulness, selfishness, gambling, fornication, crime, theft and everything else that goes against the character of God are common practices to demons.

Thanks to God through Jesus Christ, He conquered our freedom from satan and his unclean spirit, when He said on the cross “IT IS FINISHED!” (John 19:30). He gave us the condition, in His name, to rebuke the devil and his demon and overcome this world. Those who reject God’s sovereignty through the Lord Jesus are easy prey for demonic spirits, but those seeking to break free of the devil’s claws have in Jesus the certainty of victory.

Now, you can be free from satan. Just like I was set free from his character, influences and dictatorship. That’s if you seek your deliverance from the Lord Jesus, sincerely and with all your faith. Seek your freedom NOW, your entitled to it.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 NLT

Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. John 8:36 NKJV


God Bless

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