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Can U Tame The Animals Inside?


Hello Reader =] Thanks For Coming Back. Here’s An Interesting Analogy Related Mastering Self Control…

A man went to see his psychiatrist. He complained about how he had too much work to do and was struggling to focus on progressing with his dreams. The psychiatrist asked how was it possible to have so much work when he was living in a decent apartment, with a decent job, no kids and was single:

“I have to tame two falcons, train two eagles, keep two rabbits quiet, keep my eyes on a snake, carry a donkey and master a lion,” said the man.

“So this week your claiming to be an animal tamer. You don’t own any of those animals sir. What are you talking about?” said the psychiatrist.

The man explained: “These animals are in all men, Dr!”

“The two falcons throw themselves at everything that appears, good or bad. I have to train them to target only good prey. These are my EYES!”


“The two eagles harm and tear things apart with their claws. I have to teach them to be useful without causing harm. These are my HANDS!”


“The two rabbits want to go wherever they please. Running from others and diving away from difficulties… I have to train them to be quiet, even when things are painful, difficult and unpleasant. They are my FEET!”

feet of a Black Women

“The hardest thing to keep track of is the snake. Though it’s locked up in a cage with 32 bars, all you have to do is barely open the cage and it’s always eager to bite and poison anyone close by. If I don’t watch it closely, it causes serious damage. It’s my TONGUE!”


“The donkey is stubborn and refuses to do what it’s told to a lot of the time. It complains about being tired and will not carry each day’s load. It’s my BODY!”


“Finally, I have to master the lion… He always wants to be King, to be the most important. It is a vain and proud animal. It is my HEART!”


Self control is a CHOICE. We can choose to have a lot of it or hardly any. If a person want to be wild and reckless, there are consequences. If you want to have build self control, prepare yourself for a struggle, because the wild animals inside you don’t want to be tamed.

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