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After God Forgives; Guess What?


Hello Faithful Readers & Newcomers =] I Want To Talk To You About The Consequences Of Sin…

Not Too Long Ago, I Sinned. =[

I Know, Unbelievable Right, I’m A Disgrace, I Shouldn’t Ever Preach The Gospel Again Because I’m Not Worthy Right?

WRONG! I’m Far From Perfect, I Do Sin Every Now & Again But I Don’t Live In Sin. I Repent & Bare The Fruits Of Repentance Always.  And the most glorious thing is that God’s forgiveness is bigger than any sin, but sadly it doesn’t keep the sinner from suffering the consequence of what he/she did.

One thing that is vital to remember is: To forgive is to eliminate the anger or hurt against the one who sinned. However, forgiveness does not deal with the consequences of the sin, just the sinner.

Many live in sin, some enjoy it because they know no better, while other postpone repenting and changing because of the desire to “enjoy themselves a little bit longer.” They usually tells themselves, “I know I have to change, I will change, but not now… Just a little bit longer… I’ll fix things with God and the world later.” I know I was guilty of thinking like this once upon a time. It remind me of the lie we tell ourselves when we hear our morning alarm…


God forgives the proud, arrogant, rude & spiteful people, but all the relationships destroyed because of their character will take months maybe years to fix.

God forgives the drunkards and the drug addict, but their body will pay the price.

God forgives thieves, but they will have to pay the price of going to jail.

God forgives adultery & unfaithful, but the child that came as a result or the memory of the adultery will always be there – whether the marriage goes on or not.

God forgives your irresponsible expenses. But you’re the one who will have to pay the credit card bill.

God forgives your lie. But perhaps the people you lied to will take a long time to trust you again – if they are able to get over what you did.

I invite you, if you are living in sin, to stop as soon as possible for you own well being. It only makes sense to stop digging deeper when your at the bottom of a hole, RIGHT?

God Bless Your Day!

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