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God’s Anointing vs A Title


Hello Everyone, I read this post from another bishop from my church not too long ago, in my opinion it is very informative and a good reality check for those who have a title in the presence of God or will gain a title one day…

But the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the Lord does not see as man sees.’ 1 Samuel 16:7 NKJV

This instruction was given to the prophet Samuel, when he began the process of anointing the new king of Israel.

Two things caught my attention here:

First, the fact that our God, emphatically, categorizes man’s vision as faulty when it comes to the way those who are truly His are perceived. God means that human nature is not attentive to the true Anointing and, therefore, is prone to follow and erroneously define by what he sees, satisfying himself. It is God Himself who confirms this concept! So now you can understand the danger of the lack of judgment, which brings tragic consequences.

For example, I remember an ex-drug lord, a Colombian named Pablo Escobar, better known as the ‘Cocaine King ‘. He was well known for building schools, hospitals and houses for the poor in Colombia. Charitable, right? Yes, if it weren’t for the fact he destroyed countless lives and families around the world with drugs. Now do you understand how the appearance of ‘doing’ may be misleading?


The second is the fact that in Israel, the King’s anointing was more important than the crown itself. The actual crown was only thought about after the anointing. God’s command to Samuel was to ‘take the anointing’ to the future king and not worry about anything else.

The Anointing was the approval of the Lord so that His servant could be used for the sole purpose of God – God’s authority to carry out His Will; a Godly qualification granted by the Spirit of God. The Anointing did not belong to the anointed, but to the Rewarder!

The Anointing is granted as long as the servant remains available to his Lord. You cannot stop being a servant and continue having the Anointing. This is what happened with Saul, who ‘lost’ the anointing even after it was given to him by God Himself. Saul never owned the Anointing.

In my teens, there was a pastor I greatly admired, but unfortunately he left the Work of God. When he left, I became a bit unsure. I was very young in the faith. The former pastor would bump into me on the street every once in a while, and I couldn’t call him by his name, just as ‘pastor’. During our conversations, he always played the victim. People around me tried to make me pity the ex-pastor and question the Church. This was the devil at work!

Until an ‘Anointed of God’, who compassionately and without criticizing the ex-pastor, taught me how the Anointing worked and why I shouldn’t call him pastor anymore. This is registered in detail in I Samuel 15. During the past 30 years that I have known the Universal Church, I’ve had the privilege of learning about this early on and it has indeed helped me.

The Word of God has been my compass and protection. The Holy Spirit taught me to respect everyone, even someone that has ‘fallen’, but to never be influenced or deceived by them – let alone follow them!


Today there are many ‘fallen’ who thought they could carry the title of pastor or bishop, even after they lost the Anointing. They appear and speak as servants, but they no longer possess the Anointing. All that is left is their desire to ‘prove they are still servants’, but for their own benefit and to flatter their vanity, because if they truly wanted to save souls, they would never have left the place where one day they contemplated the Light.

But worse off are those who have not been born again, because they are deceived by them. I pray and work so that, just like I was shown this mercy, many others may also find the Spirit of Discernment.

Bishop Marcelo Cardoso

I Hope This Helped U Just As Much As It Helped Me. Tella A Friend About My Blog. God Bless

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