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You’re The Boss Of Your Life!


Yo People! I just read this and got an injection of motivation, strength & a reminder of who is really in charge of the outcome of my life, or in your case, your own life, keep reading…

Let me ask you to take a seat in a comfortable chair. Take off your shoes. Rest your elbows on your knees and your chin on your hands. Look carefully at your toes. Choose one foot and tell your big toe to move. It moved, didn’t it? Conclusion: you’re the boss.

Now look at your hands. Tell your thumb to touch your pinky. What happened? It obeyed, right? Conclusion: you’re the boss.

Now tell your body to stand up. And? How wonderful, it obeyed your command. Conclusion: you’re the boss.

Stretch out your arm and grab something within your reach. See? You didn’t even have to say it out loud. Your body obeyed your command. Conclusion: you’re the boss.

Now tell your body to go get a particular object in another room in the house. I don’t believe that stretching your arm will be enough. But, just give your legs a command and the problem will be solved. Conclusion: you’re the boss.

Now think about a difficult situation that you want to overcome. Now then, tell your body to take the necessary actions to make that wish come true… go on, be strong!


Right now you must be asking yourself, “But how? I don’t understand… How can I do that?”

You don’t understand how your finger obeyed your voice or your arm followed your command either… but the truth is, you gave them an order and they obeyed.

Don’t limit yourself. You are powerful. Remember, you’re the boss.

I thank you in advance for refusing to remain seated with your elbows on your knees as if changing your life depended on someone else. Now you know why you were born.

God bless you! Best regards,

Doctor César Ribeiro

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