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A Christian’s Conduct || How Important It Really Is


Allo Mate! Hope All Is Well, Here Is Another Post From One Of The Bishops In My Church. Pay Close Attention, All Christians & Believers of the God of the Bible!

Have you ever thought to yourself that some people in their lifetime may never read the bible, go to church, pray or believe in life after death. Meaning our character, conduct, attitude towards life, actions etc… may be the main reference toward them wanting or having a relationship with the God we say we serve!

But the lord answered and said to him, You wicked and lazy servant, you knew that I reap where I have not sown, and gather where I have not scattered seed. Matthew 25.26

Why didn’t this servant multiply his talent? Why were the others able to multiply their talents, but he didn’t? This is when I realized what Jesus said: “wicked servant”. Not only was he negligent, but he was also BAD.

How could he save others if he was lost? Many have a BAD character, have been a BAD husband, a BAD wife, a BAD son, a BAD employee, a BAD boss, a BAD student. So how could this person convince others that Jesus is good?

I believe here lays one of the greatest letdowns of many Christians; their BAD examples have prevented people from wanting to seek God, and this includes their own family members.


If we want to save others, we have to show them why it is worth it to follow Jesus, we have to show how good it is, we have to exhale the GOOD fragrance of Christ. This is why our testimony is necessary, because the people around us know who we were before Christ and who we are after Him, and this helps us multiply our talents.

We have to be a GOOD example to everyone, because our example speaks louder than our words. Who does not like what is good? Everyone wants to have a GOOD husband, a GOOD father, a GOOD employee, a GOOD wife, a GOOD son; in other words, everyone loves and wants what is GOOD.

The first two servants were called GOOD. They had a GOOD testimony with the people that surrounded them and with Jesus Himself. Therefore, the question remains:

How has God and those around us seen us, GOOD or BAD servants?


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