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When God Told David “No”

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When Kind David had gained a measure of peace in his reign (most of the time during his kingship, Israel was at war with the neighbouring nations) the battles had settled down. It was time for him to think of other things. (2 Samuel 7:1-3)

A. David was embarrassed to think that he lived in a fine built house while God’s home remained in a tent.

B. It was David’s desire to build the Lord a permanent structure called a temple and told his plans to  Nathan the Prophet. 

C. Nathan thought it a fine idea and seemed certain that God would support the effort, but as we later learn Nathan forgot one important thing: He forgot to ask God.

When we desire something, do we always put God above our desires? Are we sure that what we are asking is align to His will?

Later that night, the Lord…

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