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Needs & Wants


In order to turn into a good worker, boss, husband, wife, Christian, entrepreneur – whatever your function may be – you need to at least tend to the needs of those you serve. And if you want to be exceptional, you need to meet their wants.

Your parents, siblings, friends and partner expect certain things from you, but let’s give the example of a leader/manager at work.

Your manager expects certain things from you. He/she expects that you at least meet the needs of the position you hold. For example, if he hired you to sell the products and services of his business, he expects you to meet his goals, among other things. That means, there is a list of things you need to do well so you’re not fired.

However, besides what needs to be done, your manager has wishes. They are things which are not on your to-do list, that perhaps he/she doesn’t require of you, but wishes that you would do.outstanding-tl-2amsy5tFor example, try to get back a client who took his business elsewhere because of a company mistake. It’s not written that you should visit the client, hear him out, learn from the complaint, suggest changes to the company to avoid the same mistake, and offer the offended client some kind of compensation for the trouble and a reward for giving the company another chance.

But i’m sure if you do this your manager will be very grateful and impressed. You will become an exceptional employee, the kind that makes it through any downsizing.

That’s how it is with all those you serve. Your partner has needs. If you don’t want to lose your partner, the least you can do is attend to them. Now if you want to have a wonderful relationship, go beyond the needs. Exceed expectations. Meet their wishes.


The other side of the coin: you will only have what you wish you had from your partner when you give them the minimum of what he or she needs from you.

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