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Friend or Acquaintance?


When we are younger, I’m sure we all called almost everyone we met our “friend”, then we go through secondary school, college, part time work & various experiences in our lives that help us realise a reality: Not everyone we meet is our friend! Or should I say, not everyone we follow or accept their friend request or add on Instagram or meet in university is our friend.

The majority are just associates or people that are just meant to be in our life for a season. YES or NO? However, social media has definetly helped to blind people to this reality nowadays.

Blinded by their many friends on social network & in real life for celebrities, people have been exposing their secrets, their inner most thoughts, embarrassing people they know & don’t know, portraying a virtual version of themselves & even neglect those who are their true friends, all for the sake of entertaining their so called “friends”.


It’s crazy how nowadays people are investing more & more time in these acquaintances than their friends.

It can be said that it is getting harder to spot who are really our friends, that there is many snakes in the grass and it’s hard to trust anyone. That’s very true, I agree with that, but in my opinion there will always be obvious signs as to who are your real friends and who are just acquaintances.

To name a few, those who tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it, those who help out when life hits you hard, that friend that is constantly encouraging you to use your head & not be lead by the hype/facade of the times.

Here’s an example in the bible:

Four friends on one fine day, they decided to take their friend, who was paralyzed on some kind of bed, all the way to a house where a so-called Jesus would be. The fame which preceded Him was that He could heal any disease. Yet on arrival, there was no room for them to even enter the door. Thousands of people crowded the place to hear His words, or at least get a glimpse of His face, or perhaps with a bit of luck touch Him.

The four friends were determined. They couldn’t let their friend down and bring him back without a solution. They couldn’t waste a whole trip. It was now or never. They needed to call Jesus’ attention. Someone had an idea: “the roof.” So they climbed up the house, removed a part of the roof, tied ropes to the bed, and lowered in the man to where Jesus was.

Seeing the faith of those friends, He immediately cured the paralytic. (Read the story in Mark 2.)

That’s what friends are for. Real friends are not just friends on Facebook or “Yes” men/women. Like those four, a friend cares, they lift you up when you’re down, they don’t see obstacles when it’s time to help you, they don’t let you stay down, they stand you up & tell you the truth(something which is so rare in this day and age).

The word “friend” is used very carelessly nowadays, people don’t even know what friendship really means. From the Latin word  “amicitia friendship is a word derived from “love”.


The Lord Jesus in my opinion gave the clearest definition of the characteristic of a true friend:

‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ Mark 12:31 NKJV

Check out this video on YouTube: The Innovation Of Loneliness

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