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The Offering God Accepts & Rejects

The pastor speaks: “It’s time for you to bless your lives, it’s time to give God your offering, Amen people?”

Church responds quietly, “amen”

The pastor says passionately & louder: “AMEN PEOPLE?”

The church responds louder & more alert: “AMEN”

How many time have I & i’m positive millions around the world have seen, heard & been in this scenario?

Don’t be this person


 This person is not showing that he/she trusts God 100%

To answer the question, what offering God accepts & rejects, He accepts the offering not based on the amount but on whether or not the offering given is a TRUE REPRESENTATION of the OFFERING GIVER.

It’s Plain & Simple.

This post was inspired by this message: Bp Macedo’s Message 16/06/13

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