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My Thoughts On FASTING!


What is fasting in my opinion? Fasting is a deprivation that a person submits themselves to voluntarily for a period of days, with the intention of reaching something great and out of our depth. This can be done for spiritual purposes or physical purposes.

Due to my faith in God, I have understood that for me to be close to Him and maintain a healthy relationship with Him, I must fast often. DOES IT WEAKEN ME? Physically at the time it does but spiritually no it doesn’t, quite the contrary. The time that I spend fasting actually helps me to strengthen a particular area of my life.

We have to remember, we are spirit, soul and body.

When a person fasts, they should be watching their thoughts, feelings, words, actions and reactions more closely. And if you who fast have noticed, that is usually the time when the devil tries the most to “take us out of spirit” and make us remain in the flesh. While we are in flesh we are weak.

I mean, living in this world is very hard for a Christian because though we live here, we are not of this world. This world glorifies & practices a lot of immoral & abominable things that God condemns, so as a “True Christian” would understand, we have to make sure that we keep in connection with God as often as possible through our voluntary fasts from liquids, food, audiovisual material, information, music, literature, parties and anything that takes our attention away from God.


The Spiritual world is as real as the physical!

When we are close to God, our spirit is strong & we therefore have authority in the spiritual world. The devil and his demons know the power of fasting, the Lord Jesus spoke about the authority you gain through fasting & praying (Matthew 17:14-21). For us to overcome in the physical world which we live in, we must first overcome in the spiritual world. Fasting is a form of faith in action. Believing in something we don’t see, coming to past as a result of our actions.

Through our fasts we draw nearer to God and by consequence move away from the devil. Through our fasts, God gains permission to manifest Himself in our lives; while the devil loses whatever influence and power he had over our character and lives.There are spiritual forces of evil working everyday to deviate me & you from our goals & above all from God. They’re trying to block our paths & close the doors, so that we get discouraged, sad, confused and ultimately deny our faith in God.

Here’s my final piece of advice on fasting, don’t worry too much about the amount of hours or the amount of times you fast weekly, monthly etc… Focus of making sure that during that time when your fasting, whether it be an hour or 24 hours, your thoughts and everything you do are aimed towards getting closer to God, this is the type of fast God loves (Isaiah 58).

Otherwise, your WASTING YOUR TIME! And STARVING yourself for no reason LOOL

I hope this helped. God Bless.

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