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Two Legs


Follow Me. John 1.43

It is hard to imagine how people would leave behind their houses, business, friends, family members, fears, doubts and personal goals at the sound of two simple words from the mouth of Jesus: “Follow Me.”

What did He have that, just by listening to these words and looking at Him, people would see something much greater, more important and valuable than whatever they knew and owned up to that time? How could they, so suddenly, without giving it much thought, leave everything behind and follow Him, without further information?


It is quite true that not everyone accepted the invitation. Some trusted more in what they already had and knew. They doubted His words. Their unbelief was bigger than their faith.

What they did not understand is that if Jesus were to give further explanation and riches of details about what would happen to them if they left everything to follow Him, these people would not need faith. If He had explained and told them, “Follow Me because then you will have guidance for your life. Together with Me, you will always be safe because I am the Son of God. I will never leave you in need of anything; you will be infinitely happier and better than you are today…” — in this case, the appeal starts to look like a good deal. No need for faith, just intelligence.


Intelligence is essential, but it is not everything. Faith transcends intelligence. That is why these two things, when combined, turn us into invincible people. Never despise one to use only the other. Use them both equally.

He who has intelligence and faith does not hesitate in following Jesus. In Him, we find the guidance for life and safety for tomorrow. He who follows Him, won’t be mistaken.

Application: Use your faith coupled with your intelligence, always. Just like your two legs, take a step with one, then another with the other. Don’t be hopping around like you’re playing hopscotch.

Renato Cardoso

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