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Why Do They Come To Us For Advice?


It is inevitable, God has allowed or will allow someone to come close to you and talk about their problems! With what purpose? To complain about life? To cry on your shoulder? Seek your advice or opinion?

If you’ve ever wondered why this happens, the answer is because God arranged a meeting with this person through you. The truth is He wants to use you & me for this Purpose, to be His intermediary.

So, what should we do?

Firstly, I assure you that attitudes such as comforting, crying with the person, complaining blah blah blah… doesn’t solve the situation! “No!” Of course it doesn’t!

It is your obligation to tell them the truth! What is the truth, then? It is to be 100% honest and say:

“You have symptoms of a person who has problems of spiritual origin!”

“I’m going to take you  to a Spiritual Adviser to help you, because he helped me and will help you too.”

After telling him/her the truth, bring this person to the UCKG, before a meeting, to be counselled, this will help them very much!

Bishop Julio Freitas

Check out his official blog:


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6 thoughts on “Why Do They Come To Us For Advice?

  1. It is certainly for sure. Because the first time that I came to the UCKG and walked up the stairs I was received by someone who listened to me and to my problem and attended to me. I also remember, calling for the first time the help line and was attended to. So as freely as I received, so it’s fair that I give back freely. Because there is someone always out there in a situation like mine.


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