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Created To Administer


Those who are in the position of administrator, and take something that is not theirs, will no longer be reliable. We have the Garden of Eden and the tree with the forbidden fruit as an example of this.

Why is a sacrifice required nowadays in order for man to take possession of the promises of God?

Because, for a man to be an administrator, he has to fight to conquer, he has to prove his worth and ability, he has to “negotiate”. This is why a sacrifice is necessary.

Authority is given to man according to his achievements through sacrifice, which is the “price” he must pay.

For each achievement, there is a sacrifice.

Why does God help, dress, protect and teach the birds and all the animals in the wild?

Because they were not created to administer. Though they were not in the Garden of Eden and did not sin, they did not lose certain rights because God is Just.

Man has to eat from the sweat of his brow, from sacrifice. This is the only way for him to conquer the authority he lost.


It is no coincidence that the great men and women of the Bible, who were successful and conquered, are well known until today. They had to sacrifice several times, but every sacrifice brought them a victory.

We cannot sit around waiting for God to prepare the table for us, to dress us, give us a home, job, wealth, etc. What we must do is be faithful and through prayer, ask for guidance and ideas. Then, He will show us how we should do things and which sacrifice to present.

This is the reason for the Israel Challenge. It is an answer to our prayers. Through it, God sends the prophecy and shows which sacrifice we should present.

God did not create us to be useless like parasites; instead, He created us to be conquerors. This is the only way for us to bring down the walls and glorify our Lord.ln

Bishop Edir Macedo

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